Slipform paver

Automatic height and steering control

Computer-assisted automatic functions not only optimize work processes and thus machine productivity, but also the machine operator’s performance. Our numerous intelligent information and diagnostic systems additionally support the operator and make their job easier – resulting in faster and more efficient operations. A few examples of assistance systems for slipform pavers are presented below.

Advanced slipform pavers are equipped with automatic height and steering control. To produce a curved profile, for instance, the steering control unit detects reference changes that are occurring and transfers them to the course of the profile.

Steering control via stringline

Stringlines are set up along the planned concrete profile before work begins. Often, they are also needed to prepare the ground. While the concrete is being installed, sensors are in contact with the stringline and route information on any deviation of the machine position to the control unit. A control unit converts the information directly into an appropriate modification to the steering angle or chassis height.

Sensors and probe components

You will find more information on WIRTGEN sensors here.

Steering control via 3D control

When an external 3D system is used, digital, topographic data is compared to the machine's position data which is acquired through the total station. Deviations from the target position are processed by the interface for 3D control units into exact height and steering corrections, thereby ensuring highly precise driving behavior.

Steering control via AutoPilot

Another alternative is our AutoPilot which we developed in-house. The geo-data based data model that is also needed here is either read-in externally or created at the construction site with the Field Rover pole.

The AutoPilot then converts this data into a precise, virtual stringline, which provides the machine with all necessary height and steering information. The AutoPilot thereby replaces the stringline and can be used in a flexible and time-saving way according to the conditions at the particular construction site.

System overview of AutoPilot 2.0 in detail

Complex profile forms can also be created right at the construction site in a short period of time. The great advantage of this system: It eliminates the need for complicated surveying, assembly and disassembly of stringlines, and a geo-data based data model does not need to be created. AutoPilot 2.0 is available for WIRTGEN slipform pavers SP 15, SP 15i, SP 25 and SP 25i.