ZIP CLIP spare belts

Belt changing made easy

Conveyor belts transport material and are subject to a high degree of wear. It is not always possible to avoid tears or damage during everyday work even with high-quality belts. This results in machine standstill with corresponding downtime costs.

Complex and time-consuming changing of defective or worn conveyor belts on crushing and screening plants are now a thing of the past. The new ZIP CLIP spare belts permit rapid and efficient belt changes on crushing and screening plants.

Once fitted and tensioned, the machine is immediately ready for operation again and work can continue.

Your benefits with ZIP CLIP spare belts:
  • If the installed belt tears, you can react immediately
  • Simple, independent belt change - an external service provider is not required
  • No waiting time for hardening/drying as with vulcanisation
  • The machine is ready for use again as quickly as possible
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Assembly instructions, tips & tricks
What is ZIP CLIP?

ZIP CLIP is a mechanical connection of chrome steel clips. By means of a pin that is screwed into the connection, the connection can be closed and, if repair is needed, opened again. To protect various components on the conveyor belt, the connection is slightly countersunk. This reduces wear on scrapers, for example, and on the connection itself to a minimum.

The highlights at a glance
Safe, durable and simple

Fast belt change on the building site

High-quality connection

Material made of polyurethane

Simple installation

No previous knowledge or training required

Countersunk connection

Reduction in wear

Corrosion protection and wear-resistance

Rust-proof clips made of chrome steel and a chrome-nickel armoured pin

Problem-free installation

Even in difficult environmental conditions

Repairs on the conveyor

The belt can be opened and closed again

Less production downtime

Machine downtimes are reduced to a minimum