VÖGELE screeds – because building roads requires accuracy

The screed is the heart of each road paver. From the engineering point of view, it is the crucial component deciding whether the paving job will be a success or not. VÖGELE is committed to the manufacture of prime quality screeds which stand out with their high level of reliability and cutting-edge screed technology.

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Extending Screeds

VÖGELE extending screeds, with their outstanding adaptability, are ideal for paving in varying widths and on winding roads. They cover a wide field of applications, handling widths from 0.5 m to 9.5 m. Depending on the type of paver used, they can be equipped with various compacting systems. The range extends from the simplest screed version with vibration (V) to the most powerful high-compaction screeds with tamper (T) and two pressure bars (P2).

Fixed-Width Screeds

VÖGELE fixed-width screeds demonstrate their strengths wherever pavements need to be built in large widths up to 18 m, true to line and level. And in all those projects requiring high compaction of materials such as water-bound base course mixes, Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) or Paver Compacted Concrete (PCC). Thanks to 1.25 m hydraulic bolt-on extensions, pave width is infinitely variable within a range of 2.5 m. Screed plates, tamper bars and pressure bar(s) are heated uniformly for a homogeneous surface structure. The electric heating warms the screed up to its operating temperature much more quickly, even with the engine running at minimum rpm, thanks to intelligent generator management.

VÖGELE Pave Width Configurator

This interactive application shows you how to build up your paver’s auger and screed in an optimal way. Based on the pave width required for your project, we guide you step by step through the process of finding your optimal auger and screed configuration.

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