New Universal Class pavers for defined markets

From city-centre projects to motorway construction: VÖGELE’s SUPER 1400 tracked paver and SUPER 1403 wheeled paver are two machines with compact dimensions and a versatile range of applications. With European exhaust emissions standard stage 3a or US EPA Tier 3, both pavers are available in defined markets in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Oceania and South-East Asia. As representatives of the Classic Line, they deliver all the key paving functions, top quality and an attractive price/benefit ratio.

The road paver manufacturer sets store by high-quality components, the latest technologies and particularly user-friendly operation. VÖGELE is pursuing its concept for success with the SUPER 1400 and SUPER 1403 : both pavers are characterised by a robust undercarriage and material handling system, powerful yet economical drive technology and simple, intuitive handling. In combination with the AB 480 Extending Screed which includes compacting systems comprising of tamper and vibrators, they achieve a high degree of precompaction as well as pave widths of between 2.55 m and 4.8 m. Additional bolt-on extensions also make it possible to implement a maximum width of up to 6 m for the wheeled model and up to 6.3 m for the tracked model. The compact dimensions of the machine also make it highly manœuvrable, so the pavers are suitable both for tight construction projects in city centres and for larger projects, too – such as rehabilitation of old motorways or construction of new ones.

Two new Universal Class pavers from VÖGELE: the SUPER 1400 and the SUPER 1403 are suitable both for city-centre projects and for motorway construction.

Designed for output and efficiency

Despite their compact dimensions, the new SUPER 1400 and SUPER 1403 are extremely powerful: with a laydown rate of 600 t/h and their 101 kW 4-cylinder diesel engine from John Deere, the pavers ensure a high output, even on relatively large construction projects. The efficient drive cooling system ensures maximum reliability, even in extreme tropical climates. The hydraulics furthermore control material handling extremely accurately, facilitating an optimum head of material in front of the screed. The screed itself is likewise designed for efficiency and quality: the optional electric screed heating heats all the components in contact with material quickly and evenly, preventing adhesion of the material and securing an even surface structure.

Easy operation and integrated System for Automated Grade and Slope Control

VÖGELE pavers are consistently aligned with users’ requirements, with the company providing a standardised operating concept for all paver classes. The SUPER 1400 and the SUPER 1403 are equipped with the ErgoBasic operating system which was developed on the back of the tried and tested ErgoPlus 3 operating system using the same logic and symbols. This makes it really easy for users to switch between different classes of VÖGELE paver. ErgoBasic provides all the basic functions for high-quality paving and is especially simple, intuitive and reliable in operation.

Both the Universal Class pavers are equipped with the Niveltronic Basic System for Automated Grade and Slope Control to suit this purpose. The system is fully integrated in the machine control system and therefore tailored precisely to suit the paver model concerned. The System for Automated Grade and Slope Control can be adjusted separately for each side of the screed using a compact, highly robust remote control unit and can be combined with a wide range of VÖGELE sensors.

The ErgoBasic operating concept was designed on the back of the tried and tested ErgoPlus operating system for our Premium Line pavers and tailored specifically to meet the demands and needs of the users of VÖGELE Classic Line pavers.

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SUPER 1400

Universal Class tracked paver

Basic width 2.55 m
Pave width, max. 6.3 m
Maximum laydown rate 600 t/h
SUPER 1403

Universal Class wheeled paver

Basic width 2.55 m
Pave width, max. 6 m
Maximum laydown rate 600 t/h