Classic or Premium Line:
two machine concepts for every requirement

If you decide to get a VÖGELE road paver, you can select between five product classes and two lines: the Classic and the Premium Lines. But what does this actually mean? The SUPER 1000(i) Classic Line paver and the SUPER 1300-3(i) Premium Line paver, for example, are suitable for a similar range of applications, but the scope of their functions differs. The example of the two Compact Class pavers demonstrates which factors need to be taken into account when deciding on one machine or the other.

Both Compact Class pavers integrate VÖGELE technology which accepts no compromise in terms of quality. The material hopper and the whole of the material handling system are identical, for example. However, it is in the detail that differences are found between the SUPER 1000(i) and the SUPER 1300-3(i), which VÖGELE also supplies in a wheeled variant.

The differences

At 74 kW, the Premium Line paver has an engine 19 kW more powerful than the Classic Linerepresentative. Its maximum laydown rate of 350 t/h is also 80 t/h above that of the SUPER 1000(i). Its higher performance data likewise make the maximum pave width of the SUPER 1300-3(i) somewhat larger, at 5 m compared to 3.9 m, although both pavers are equipped with the AB 340 Extending Screed.

The greatest differences between the Classic and Premium Lines are in the operating concept and in the associated scope of their functions. The SUPER 1300-3(i), for example, uses ErgoPlus 3, whilst the Classic Line paver uses ErgoBasic. Both operating concepts are particularly user-friendly, ergonomic and intuitive. ErgoPlus 3, however, provides an extended scope of functions including numerous automatic functions which operators can activate on the high-contrast display.

SUPER 1000(i) Classic Line paver: the functions of this particularly economical machine concentrate on the essential features required by paving crews.

SUPER 1300-3(i) Premium Line paver: the Dash 3 generation machine satisfies the most exacting requirements for functionality and convenience.

Differences between the
SUPER 1000i (1) and SUPER 1300-3i (2) in detail

Shared features:
  • Basic width: 1.85 m
  • Receiving hopper capacity: 10 t
  • High-performance conveyors and augers
  • AB 340 V or TV Extending Screed
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SUPER 1000i

Tracked paver Compact Class

Basic width 1.85 m
Pave width, max. 3.9 m
Maximum laydown rate 270 t/h
SUPER 1300-3i

Tracked paver Compact Class

Basic width 1.85 m
Pave width, max. 5 m
Maximum laydown rate 350 t/h