Oscillation by HAMM – high-quality, cost-effective compaction

Dynamic compaction systems enable significant increases in compaction power when working with both asphalt and earth. These systems include the oscillation system developed by HAMM that achieves compaction results that are scientifically proven to be more homogeneous and higher-quality. HAMM's wide range of oscillation rollers is available worldwide for road construction (type designations VO, VO-S, OT, VS-OS) and earthworks (type designation VIO). As the sole manufacturer, HAMM offers compact tandem rollers with oscillation.

The oscillation principle at a glance:

In an oscillation drum, two eccentric shafts are fitted at a 180° angle to each other. Both unbalanced masses rotate synchronously, which causes the drum to perform a rapidly alternating forwards-backwards rotational movement. This results in the compaction energy being transmitted forwards and backwards tangentially into the ground below in the form of shear forces. The drum is therefore in constant contact with the ground, which means that permanent static compaction also takes place because of the weight of the machine, as well as compaction caused by the shear forces. The result: Faster, more significant compaction increases.

Potential areas of use:

  • Large projects (e.g. motorways, racetracks, airports)
  • Bridges, car parks
  • Inner-city areas close to historical buildings or vibration-sensitive buildings
  • Laying hard-to-compact asphalt types
  • Compaction near railway systems
  • Compaction of thin layers
  • Compaction of joints
  • Compaction above gas and water lines
  • Compaction at low asphalt temperatures
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The advantages of oscillation:

  • Maintenance-free oscillation drums thanks to highly wear-resistant steel and temperature-resistant special belt
  • Compaction of joints without damaging the cold asphalt
  • Dynamic compaction, even in vibration-sensitive areas
  • Wide temperature range – perform compaction even in low temperatures
  • Self-regulating system (automatic adjustment of amplitude based on stiffness)
  • Reduces noise emissions
  • Reduces vibration in the area around the roller by up to 85%
  • Protects components and the driver by reducing vibration
  • Compaction that doesn't damage the material – no over-compaction or grain destruction
  • Excellent compaction performance with just a few passes
  • Homogeneously compacted surfaces with impressive evenness
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