Asphalt mixing plants

We can supply the right plant to suit your market requirements: Whether it’s a transportable or stationary plant, at capacities from 100 - 400 t/hour – but one thing remains consistent throughout: BENNINGHOVEN has the most cutting-edge solutions for economical, flexible and environmentally friendly asphalt production.

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Retrofitting can be a more practical solution for an existing asphalt mixing plant than replacing it with a new one. By replacing outdated components and adding the latest technologies, existing plants are updated to the latest standard.

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Sustainability by BENNINGHOVEN

Working more efficiently with sustainable and economical technologies is the challenge of today and tomorrow. Benninghoven offers a variety of innovative solutions for increasing sustainability in asphalt production.

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Technologies by BENNINGHOVEN

With BENNINGHOVEN technologies, any customer can find the right solution for their site, according to the specific requirements and conditions.

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100 % green hydrogen system for road construction

With the world’s first burner that can be run with 100 % green hydrogen, BENNINGHOVEN offers a pioneering solution for more sustainability in road construction.
Everything from a single source – From the hydrogen source, the Benninghoven scope of delivery comprises the feed systems including the pressure control section, multi-fuel burner, hydrogen control section, burner control and plant components adapted to hydrogen operation.
In addition to this, the burner is supplied with a new control system. This coordinated hardware and software solution ensures an efficient process during asphalt production.

New plants as well as existing asphalt mixing plants can be equipped with the burner technologies from Benninghoven. Retrofit solutions can also be used for plants from other manufacturers. This gives any plant owner the opportunity to change to the latest technologies at any time – a key aspect for achieving economical and sustainable asphalt production and securing the future of the site in the long-term.

  • Use of 100 % hydrogen
  • Low NOₓ technology
  • Zero CO₂
  • Flexible and simultaneous use of 4 fuels in three different physical states
  • New burner control system
  • Mixed use of fuels
  • On-the-fly fuel changes
  • Remote – direct access to the burner control system

BENNINGHOVEN Technical Support

Support from the main factory — In addition, the BENNINGHOVEN Technical Support in our new headquarter in Wittlich supports both, the plant personnel and the service staff on site. Via remote maintenance or remote solutions we are able to provide diagnosis and assistance (after approval by the customer/operator) in order to support the personnel on site in a cost-efficient way.

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State of the art — BENNINGHOVEN has been following this approach for over a century. Through consistent further development, growing from a trade workshop to a globally active company, BENNINGHOVEN is a pacesetter in the field of asphalt mixing plants today.

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Sustainability to order

Sustainability is a core value for BENNINGHOVEN and follows the basic principles defined by WIRTEN GROUP. So which specific activities and actions are pursued in order to achieve these goals?

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Our factory

Where quality is made — The world's largest and most modern factory for manufacturing asphalt mixing plants offers optimum conditions for production at the highest level.

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A pioneering spirit and tradition in combination with future-proof technology and perfectly trained personnel have characterised the actions of BENNINGHOVEN for a century.

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Our employees are a guarantee for the success of our company. We are always looking for motivated and interested people with enthusiasm for our plants.

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Find spare parts

Are you looking for the right genuine spare parts and wearing parts for your BENNINGHOVEN mixing plant? Our Parts Website can help you to find what you need. From lifter plates for the dryer drum and mixer components to filter bags, here’s where you will find everything you need to know about your genuine spare parts with just a couple of clicks.

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