New Universal Class Pavers for the Indian market

The SUPER 1900-3 G-Tier and SUPER 1900-3 P-Tier from Vögele – versatile road pavers, each with a different range of functions

Both models are equipped with a powerful, low-emission engine and are equally suitable for motorway projects and for constructing rural roads. The cost-efficient, heavy-duty SUPER 1900-3 G-Tier tracked paver and the powerful, advanced SUPER 1900-3 P-Tier paver facilitate pave widths between 3 m and 10 m. Both pavers are designed specifically for the Indian market and offer users particularly straightforward operation, each with a different range of functions.

Joseph Vögele AG is launching two new pavers on the Indian market: the cost-efficient SUPER 1900-3 G-Tier with the ErgoBasic operating concept and the advanced P-Tier version of the SUPER 1900-3 with the expanded ErgoPlus 3 operating concept plus extra convenience functions. As Universal Class machines, both models have a broad range of applications: depending on the screed combination, they deliver pave widths up to 10 m. Both pavers have a laydown rate of up to 1,000 t/h, and their rugged material handling components enable them to pave asphalt mixes and abrasive materials such as cement-treated base (CTB) efficiently and in high quality.

Modern Drive Technology with low emissions

Vögele’s modern drive concept is adapted to the wide range of uses of multifunctional pavers. Both are powered by a high-performance 6-cylinder diesel engine rated at 145 kW and meet the strict emission standards of CEV Stage V. The engine features an ECO mode which reduces nominal speed from 2,000 rpm to 1,700 rpm, cutting operating costs and noise emissions to a significant extent. All the drive components, from the diesel engine to the hydraulic system, operate with maximum efficiency. The SUPER 1900-3 P-Tier is furthermore equipped with the Vögele EcoPlus low-emissions package which reduces emissions further and cuts fuel consumption by as much as 25%.

Optimum Material Management

A continuous flow of mix is key to ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality paving, which is why Vögele attaches such importance to professional material management when designing its pavers. It is also essential when the new pavers are used for roadbase applications. The long, extended hopper with a capacity of 15 t permits fast unloading of trucks, whilst its powerful conveyor system (longitudinal, lateral) delivers a high throughput rate and continuous material flow.

Easy operation

Like all machines from this road paver manufacturer, the new models are also particularly easy and intuitive to operate. All Vögele pavers and material feeders are based on the same operating logic, making it easy to switch both machine and operator. The SUPER 1900-3 G-Tier provides users with the clear ErgoBasic operating concept, including all the key functions necessary for high-quality paving. The SUPER 1900-3 P-Tier is equipped with the expanded ErgoPlus 3 operating concept which provides operators with additional functions and an especially convenient operator’s platform – as well as safe working with perfect all-round visibility.

Cropped Vögele pavers SUPER 1900-3 G and SUPER 1900-3 P on grey gradient

Vögele is launching two new Universal Class pavers on the Indian market: the cost-efficient G-Tier SUPER 1900-3 G with the ErgoBasic operating concept and the advanced P-Tier SUPER 1900-3 P with the expanded ErgoPlus 3 operating concept.

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