The WIRTGEN GROUP needs you!

Vocational training is a top priority at the WIRTGEN GROUP, and offers you a wide range of career opportunities.

Vocational training in a strong team

A perfect first step on the career ladder

Vocational training is a top priority throughout our company group.
At the German brand headquarters alone, the WIRTGEN GROUP currently employs over 380 trainees,and more than a third of our highly-qualified workforce has been trained in accredited vocational training programmes within the company group.

Our mission: to train tomorrow’s workforce in our own companies – this is a worthwhile investment in a secure future for both sides, as the constant growth of our company group has so far enabled us to offer nearly all of our trainees a permanent position after completion of their training.


  • Exciting practical projects as a part of a multi-profession team
  • In-house training courses to intensify your knowledge of the subject matter
  • Participation in international corporate events and at training and construction industry trade shows
  • State-of-the-art training workshops and workstations
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A perfect first step on the career ladder

Whether through work-experience programmes in the various departments, in-house classroom instruction or in interdisciplinary projects, you’ll learn more during your vocational training program than just the specialist knowledge you’ll need for your future career.

A training program that’s really cool

Intensive support and guidance for our trainees is extremely important to us, and that is why the members of our trainer team are all full-time instructors. In addition to the communication of the specialised knowledge you will need in your future career, we also attach great importance to the development of your personal and social skills. After all, we’re looking for real team players who are willing to assume responsibility – employees we can rely on.

Not a secondary school leaver?

Are you an experienced professional or university student interested in a career at one of the WIRTGEN GROUP companies? Then find out more about your career opportunities with us here.

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