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Wirtgen presents sustainable surface mining technology for the mining and quarrying industry

Limestone quarrying with Surface Miners using the cut-to-ground method increases safety in quarrying operations.

A recent visit to our customer Ciments Calcia in France, who uses resource-friendly surface mining technology from Wirtgen at its quarry near Couvrot, gave the guests deeper insights into the versatility of the most advanced extraction technologies. By avoiding the need for conventional drilling and blasting operations, Ciments Calcia increases efficiency and safety at its quarry and simultaneously reduces air pollution and harmful emissions.

The advantages due to the elimination of drilling and blasting operations are enormous. The extraction of resources can take place much closer to infrastructure – which can lead to higher recovery rates from deposits. Additionally, the safety of quarry personnel is increased, and there are no noise and dust emissions. Lastly, selective extraction makes it possible to produce material of the highest quality.

The cut-to-ground method: The 220 SM 3.8 deposits the limestone and chalk in neat rows behind it after cutting.

Efficient and sustainable

On average, a Surface Miner 220 SMi 3.8 produces 1,500 tonnes of chalk and limestone per hour when using the cut-to-ground method. After cutting, the Surface Miner deposits the material in conveniently-sized, easily loadable pieces behind it.Due to their suitability for working on the level and stable ground, Ciments Calcia uses scrapers for the removal and onward transportation of the extracted material.

During the visit, it was soon made clear to us just how enthusiastic the drivers were about the outstanding comfort and low vibration levels in the operator’s cabin. The close cooperation between Product Management at the Wirtgen Brand Headquarters and the customer led to an easier and more efficient extraction process that not only cuts costs, but also, amongst other factors, reduces environmental impact – in this case, CO₂ emissions in particular.

Experiencing technology in action

A group of future engineers who attended the presentations during the customer visit were particularly impressed. They were given the opportunity to gain insights into the ecological and economic advantages of Surface Mining technology compared to conventional extraction methods. The presentations by product experts Alexander Ihl and Dr-Ing Erik Zimmermann from the business unit Surface Miner at Wirtgen were paired with a live experience of the machine in action. For the up-and-coming professionals, this interactive learning experience opened up an entirely new outlook on the diversity of the mining and quarrying sector.

A strong partner

The engagement and enthusiasm of everyone involved made it clear that Wirtgen is much more than just a machine manufacturer – Wirtgen is a driving force of innovation and progress. In mining and quarrying operations, where machines often have to work around the clock, Wirtgen service technicians are always there when the customer needs them. True to our promise: Close to Our Customers.

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