Operation at the Brenner Pass

MOBICAT MC 110i EVO2 gorges its way through the Brixen granite

Gigantic productivity performance

For the construction of a water collection basin with a holding capacity of 18,500 m³, which is knocked into the granite rock near Brixen, NordBau Peskoller from Kiens uses the new jaw crusher MOBICAT MC 110i EVO2. The project is part of a series of technical environmental compensatory work, which has been agreed by regional and local authorities in the course of the construction of the Brenner basic tunnel.

Careful handling of natural resources is one of the basic principles in the planning of large construction projects. The Brenner basic tunnel – one of the largest building sites in Europe with 230 tunnel kilometres – is a prime example of this. To minimise environmental influences on the surrounding area, various containment measures have already been introduced by the responsible project promoter. Furthermore, different technical environmental compensatory work has been agreed with local and regional public authorities – in the Eisack Valley alone, work to a value of 50 million eurosis planned.

This includes the construction of a collection basin made from 100%natural rock for collecting spring water from an already existing sewage system in the valley. The water collection basin with a holding capacity of 18,500 m³is to be built in Aicha, Natz-Schabs (BZ), along the connecting road at the river Eisack in Spinges, a district of the township of Mühlbach (BZ).

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Dense rock poses a tough challenge to NordBau

For the company executing the work, NordBau Peskoller from Kiens, who specialise in demolition work, infrastructure work, construction, civil engineering and water management, the particular challenge in the project is not only extreme gradients but, above all, the density of the solid rock – typical Brixen granite.

The share of the solid rock to be removed during construction is 80% –a huge amount. Preliminary analyses of the bedrock in which the basin is to be built did not reveal such a high rock density at all. It was assumed that the Brixen granite would be found under a top layer of earth – and not that it would be exposed directly. Thanks to company boss Franz Peskoller, however, this "surprise" was not a problem because, after completion of the planning, an immediate search was initiated for a suitable mobile crushing plant.

55,000 m³ of material to be crushed

Within a construction time of only one year, around 55,000 m³of blasted material has to be crushed and reduced to five different grain sizes (0–25 mm, 0–75 mm, 30–50 mm, 40–100 mmand extremely fine: 240 mm). In view of these quantities, a plant with an extremely high productivity and constant volume reduction was required.

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The perfect choice

The MOBICAT MC 110i EVO2 has a high output, is low-noise and highly productive

The planners chose the new MOBICAT MC 110i EVO2. Designed for the first crushing stage, the mobile jaw crusher impresses not only with its feed capacity of up to 400 tonsmaterial an hour, but also corresponded to the invitation for bid with regard to the quality of the processed material.

The crusher that NordBau had been using up to that time did not even have half the productivity of the MOBICAT MC 110i EVO2. It was significantly louder and the fuel consumption per processed cubic metre was also considerably higher.

"This new jaw crusher scores with an absolute top performance. What surprised us was the low fuel consumption of an average of only 16.5 litres/hour."

Alexander Hintner, Manager of NordBau Peskoller, left
Adolf Hoberhofer, construction site co-ordinator from NordBau Peskoller, right

Intelligent output

The MOBICAT MC 110i EVO2was developed by Kleemann for the pre-crushing of almost all natural stone but also for use in recycling. A vibrating feeder conveys the material to the frequency-controlled prescreen. Then it reaches the crusher unit with its 1,100 mmwide jaws. Thanks to the CFS (Continuous Feed System), the machine regulates the feed level automatically.

A special highlight of the MOBICAT MC 110i EVO2is a new effective two-stage overload system. In case of short-term overloads, the electronics switches the crusher to protection mode. In contrast, during long periods of operation with a high output the load is reduced automatically.

Simple control

The mobile crushing plant is equipped with the digital, intuitively structured operating concept SPECTIVE. The 12 inch touch panel makes setting work on the plant easy. The intuitive operation guarantees fast familiarisation and reduces operating errors. Furthermore, new components such as a radio remote control and a small radio remote control have been integrated in the SPECTIVE world. Thanks to SPECTIVE CONNECT,the operator has access to all operation-related information on the smartphone.

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"With regard to operation, the touch display absolutely makes all the difference thanks to its intuitivity. The dual radio remote control is also extremely intelligent because the smaller unit can remain in the excavator."

Alexander Hintner

Optimum utilisation thanks to continuous feeding

To guarantee optimum utilisation of the jaw crusher and to crush the material in the predefined time, continuous feeding of the crusher is necessary. NordBau Peskoller uses excavators with an operating weight of 34–38 tonsfor this purpose in order to keep up with the speed of the crushing plant.

Enthusiastic summary

The team from NordBau is convinced their boss Franz Peskoller made the right choice. With its high feed capacity, the new MOBICAT MC 110i EVO2can realise the required high tempo on the construction site and thus make an essential contribution to the scheduled processing of the project.