MOBICONE MCO 90i EVO2 in its first practical application

New cone crusher produces first-class railway ballast and high-grade flint

For cost-effective recycling and the production of high-quality ballast chips and high-grade flint, the Erdtrans company group invested in a mobile cone crusher MOBICONE MCO 90i EVO2 from Kleemann. Since summer 2021, the first plant of this type worldwide has been recycling mainly railway ballast. Downstream of the cone crusher is a screening plant MOBISCREEN MS 953 EVO. Both machines impress with regard to quality and output – as stand-alone machines and as a team.

To guarantee fast and safe train travel, the ballast bed under railway tracks has to be regularly repaired. High demands are placed on the material because, in a high-quality ballast bed, the stones dig into one another with their sharp edges to form a stable base. Furthermore, only suitable material gives the track system the required elasticity and ensures the unrestricted downward flow of rainwater. German Railways (DB) uses licences for the railway ballast suppliers to ensure that the material used meets the requirements. The Erdtrans company group with offices in Zossen and Trebbin near Berlin has had corresponding DB product qualification for years because "we recycle or process everything that's under the rails", explains Michael Schwarzer, Erdtrans Managing Director in the second generation.

Kleemann cone crusher MCO 90i EVO2: Recycling and processing of railway ballast

For the processing of railway ballast, in particular, the company invested in a new cone crusher MOBICONE MCO 90i EVO2 from Kleemann in 2021. The plant processes predominantly precrushed and screened material accordingly. This includes large amounts of new ballast, which is processed for reuse or crushed to high-grade flint. The material thus produced is used for the production of ballast substructures and anti-frost layers as well as in mixed aggregates for DB AG. In all cases, high demands are placed on the final products.

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Kleemann crusher MCO 90i EVO2 meets the high quality requirements

For railway ballast made of hard stone, the sharpness of the edges is an essential quality criterion. Ultimately, this guarantees that the ballast in the track bed wedges well. A test in Zossen prior to purchase demonstrated impressively that the MOBICONE MCO 90i EVO2 meets the shape and size requirements: "Quality and output matched up so well that we didn't need to test another plant", reported Michael Schwarzer.

"Quality and output matched up so well that we didn't need to test another plant."

Michael Schwarzer, Erdtrans Managing Director

MCO 90i EVO2 makes a closed material loop possible

One quality aspect is the observance of the tight tolerances for grain sizes. The crusher is therefore equipped with an oversize grain returning conveyor. From the single-deck classifying screen, the oversize grain can be transported via a return conveyor back to the feed hopper and thus processed in a closed material circuit. The large screening surface with optimised screen utilisation makes effective screening possible even for grain sizes below 20 mm.

Successful in the team with the Kleemann screening plant MOBISCREEN MS 953 EVO

For separating other grain sizes, Erdtrans placed a screening plant MOBISCREEN MS 953 EVO downstream of the cone crusher. The classifying screen has large screening surfaces. This guarantees a high throughput even with small final grain sizes. Thanks to the plant design and overall concept, these screening plants are ideal for linking with the Kleemann crushers. This results in a high daily output, which the civil engineer and business economist Schwarzer confirms: "We were very satisfied right from the start. The quality is impressive and the output is as high as we expected."

The cone crusher MOBICONE MCO 90i EVO2 uses the Continuous Feed System (CFS). This feed control from Kleemann uses ultrasonic probes to monitor the crusher level and other parameters. This optimises the utilisation of the crusher.

Line coupling of Kleemann crusher and screening plant saves resources and relieves the burden on personnel

Line coupling is a success factor here: by means of automatic control, it stabilises the interaction between crusher and screening plant. Although both machines work independently of one another, in case of malfunctions or overfilling they send signals to the upstream or downstream component. For Michael Schwarzer, this solution is accompanied by decisive benefits with regard to environmental protection and personnel requirements: "The automatic shut-off in case of a malfunction or overfilling takes place quickly and reliably. We therefore prevent unnecessary emissions from the upstream or downstream unit. This alone allows us to save fuel and also reduce emissions. Apart from that, the burden on personnel is reduced. This is important to us because good skilled employees are hard to find. This is why it's an advantage to us if one person can operate the complete plant. This is possible thanks to line coupling."

Furthermore, line coupling prevents excessive wear and damage to the plants: as soon as an emergency stop is pressed somewhere on the plant, all machines shut down in a controlled manner. The prevents damage and overloading. All of this combined results in a high availability and output with low wear.

"Thanks to the automatic shutdown in case of a malfunction or overflow, we avoid unnecessary emissions, save fuel and relieve the burden on personnel."

Michael Schwarzer, Erdtrans Managing Director

SPECTIVE CONNECT creates flexibility

The operating concept SPECTIVE with the new digital solution "SPECTIVE CONNECT" also contributes to efficiency. The user guidance via the 12-inch touch panel at the crusher is already very simple and clear. SPECTIVE CONNECT also makes the data available in the area of the crusher because it transmits all important machine information per WLAN within a radius of approx. 100 m to a smartphone with the SPECTIVE CONNECT App. Wheel loader operators or site managers, for example, can inform themselves of the status, the output of the plant or consumption values and view fault messages. "We find the display of machine data on the mobile phone very helpful. This means that our wheel loader operators always have the current data at a glance without having to remain directly at the plant. This gives him a high level of flexibility."

Simple tool change with the Kleemann cone crusher

To achieve maximum availability, Erdtrans also highly values the service from Wirtgen Germany because "the service quality is impressive. A corresponding service contract makes the work easier for us and we know for sure that everything will be completed in good time." The scope of work can be defined exactly. The team from Erdtrans thus accomplishes the replacement of one of the most important wear parts, the cone, on their own: "We received very good instructions during the first cone change. And we noticed that we were able to do it ourselves in future." The tool change on Kleemann cone crushers is easier because it requires no sealing compound.

Michael Schwarzer, Erdtrans Managing Director at the Kleemann cone crusher MCO 90i EVO2.

"We received the best possible support."

Michael Schwarzer, Erdtrans Managing Director

Michael Schwarzer is extremely satisfied with the support from Kleemann or Wirtgen Germany. "We receive very good assistance and experience how the colleagues in Service and Sales support us as customer and stand by us. This can't be taken for granted."

More recycling is possible

After the first six months, the Erdtrans Managing Director is highly satisfied with the new Kleemann plant. Now he worries even more than before the purchase that "not enough recycling materials are used in ballast beds. The use of new material simply no longer meets contemporary standards. The new crusher shows clearly that we can easily use modern machine technology to produce railway ballast and other high-quality products from recycling material."