The sustainable impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO

Sustainable power pack celebrates its world premiere

Kleemann presents the new impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO, which meets high environmental standards thanks to the all-electric drive concept.

The mobile impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO is the latest representative of the PRO line from Kleemann. The extremely powerful plant is used as a primary and secondary crusher in natural stone and recycling and meets high environmental standards. Thanks to the diesel-electric drive E-DRIVE with the option of an external power supply, local emission-free operation is possible.

The sustainable power pack MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO celebrates its world premiere.

Up to 600 t/h: Efficient processing of natural stone and recycling materials

When high outputs and application flexibility are required, the MR 130(i) PRO is in a league of its own. The PRO line plant from Kleemann can process up to 600 t/h and thus meets the requirements in the high performance range. The high output is achieved by the crusher unit with a heavy rotor and a 250 kW powerful drive in conjunction with efficient prescreening. The Continuous Feed System (CFS) also guarantees a constantly high level of utilisation.

Well-though-out design with intuitive operation: the Kleemann impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO integrates the operating concept SPECTIVE.

Environmentally friendly technology for local emission-free operation

The Kleemann impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO features all-electric mobilisation of its power with the innovative E-DRIVE drive concept. Thanks to an external power supply, the plant can be operated on site free of emissions. This guarantees a low energy consumption per ton of final product. Furthermore, thanks to the electric drive hydraulic oil is only required for adjustment and set-up functions. This minimises the risk to the environment and further increases the sustainability of the MOBIREX impact crushing plant.

During operation of the MR 130(i) PRO with the diesel generator, the power- and load-dependent fan guarantees efficient use of fuel and low noise emissions. Thanks to water spraying at relevant points such as the crusher inlet, the discharge conveyors and the post screening unit as well as various belt covers, the dust development can be considerably reduced.

Two high-quality final grain sizes: the double-deck post screening unit makes the discharge of two classified final products without a downstream screening plant possible.

Smart operating concept

Kleemann counteracts the increasing complexity of crushing plants with the intuitive, holistic operating concept SPECTIVE. This provides users with several tools that all pursue a common goal: facilitation of a typical workday and high productivity. Apart from the large touch panel and two SPECTIVE radio remote controls – one of which is for operation of all relevant functions of automatic mode conveniently from the excavator – Kleemann also offers SPECTIVE CONNECT. This digital solution simplifies work site digitalisation of the MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO. SPECTIVE CONNECT transfers all important plant data to the smartphone of the users and makes reporting easier.

Optimum final product quality

Excellent product quality is guaranteed by the MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO thanks to the tried-and-tested, robust crushing unit with its two impact toggles and versatile rotor ledge options and the 8.4 m² large, optional double-deck post screening unit. This allows the new Kleemann impact crusher to produce and discharge two classified final grain sizes – also without the need of an additional screening plant. The use of optional wind sifters further increases the final product quality.