High-end plant running in Czech Republic

With the RPP 4000 Plus, STRABAG chose “green technology” from Benninghoven

It is regarded as particularly “clean” – with good reason. The RPP 4000 Plus with an integrated hot-gas generator impresses with its efficiency, environmentally friendly design, productivity and high recycling rates. In the Czech town of Vinařice, a new plant of this type has been in operation since May 2022, individually adapted to the requirements of the customer BOHEMIA ASFALT, a subsidiary of STRABAG AG. By investing in this pioneering technology, the company wants to strengthen its role as a pioneer on the Czech market.

Czech Republic | Vinařice

Vinařice, in the Kladno District, is around 25 km from Prague. STRABAG is already running a Benninghoven plant at a quarry at the edge of the town. It is an excellent site: ideally located between to motorways, close to the town and even the airport is easy to reach. It was therefore clear from the outset that the new RPP 4000 Plus would be replacing the old plant at the same site.

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State-of-the-art mixing plant

Even if there are currently no legal requirements in Czech Republic, high recycling rates and lower emissions still important topics for the future here as well. With the decision to invest in one of the most innovative plants on the market, STRABAG takes on a pioneering role in the country. A state-of-the-art mixing plant was built in Vinařice in a construction period of less than a year. It combines environmentally friendly technology with the demand for higher efficiency and capacity increases – perfectly adapted to the situation on site. The plant was developed in continuous coordination with the customer and meets their individual requirements both technically and structurally.

STRABAG is one of the largest construction companies in Europe

The Austrian company has subsidiaries at home and abroad, including BOHEIMA ASFALT. It has been doing business with Benninghoven successfully for over 50 years in a close, trusting cooperation. This is also reflected in the large number of Benninghoven plants run by STRABAG throughout Europe. With the RPP 4000 Plus with a hot-gas generator in Czech Republic, STRABAG has moved up into the top class.

Leading recycling technology and high level of flexibility

With the RPP 4000 Plus, STRABAG has chosen a modern, powerful plant. One feature of recycling priority plants (RPP) is the integrated hot-gas generator technology. This leading recycling technology enables the production of fresh asphaltic mixtures with a content of 100 % recyclable asphalt – that is more than with any other recycling system on the market. In addition to this, low emissions values provide an effective contribution to more energy efficiency and a lower impact on the environment. For maximum utilisation of the large plant, STRABAG is planning to use the maximum possible recycling rates in Vinařice. The conditions for this are perfect, because in addition to the convenient location near the village, the owner has access to large amounts of reclaimed asphalt. The asphalt is supplied to construction sites of all sizes – by customers or by their own fleet, with a large variety of recipes.

Customised for optimum plant performance

Comprehensive customer support from the outset: During the quotation and planning phases, the new plant is tailored to the individual requests and requirements of the customer. Economic efficiency – for example by choosing the new 5-t mixer – but also the environmental aspect and the situation at the site played equally important roles during the concept phase. The modular system, which allows for subsequent expansions, provided maximum flexibility and short project times. It took just under 10 months from the start of assembly until the plant was fully commissioned in May 2022 – a record-time installation process, even before the agreed deadline, despite the lockdown and other coronavirus restrictions. This top result was also made possible by the Benninghoven modular system and the quality philosophy: A mistake made once will be strategically eliminated. “We are not satisfied with what we have. We strive for continuous improvement,” explains Steve Mac Nelly, Head of Development and Design Engineering at Benninghoven. STRABAG was able to benefit from this.

Innovative planning concept

Large plant – small space: That was the first challenge for the Benninghoven team when planning the plant. Just as its predecessor, the RPP 4000 Plus was to be installed at the quarry near the town. Creative solutions were needed to meet all customer demands despite the cramped topography. Together with STRABAG, a consistent solution was developed that makes highly efficient use of the space without compromising on performance. From clever management of the busy traffic (lorry traffic, customer traffic, wheel loaders) to the installation of the plant at multiple levels – everything was well thought out to the last detail and designed for maximum economic efficiency.

“We are not satisfied with what we have. We strive for continuous improvement.”

Steven Mac Nelly, Head of Development and Design Engineering at Benninghoven

More space with multiple levels

  • For clever channelling of the busy traffic within the plant, wheel loaders and lorries/customers are separated at two different levels.
  • No ramp required: The entire dosing unit was integrated into the terrain and lowered. The wheel loaders can let the material drop down, which is particularly economical and energy-saving.
  • The transfer conveyor is installed at a different level from the mixing plant – the lorries drive underneath the conveyors.

Preliminary planning in 3D provides a first visualisation of the Benninghoven plant

Seeing now what will be built later: The plant was visualised for customers and suppliers with a special 3D planning tool. Particularly with regard to the challenge of the different levels, this created an optimum foundation for the further efficient coordination between STRABAG and Benninghoven.

First plant with hot-gas generator in Czech Republic

For the first time ever, an RPP 4000 Plus with the hot-gas generator technology was installed in Czech Republic. With the Benninghoven hot-gas generator, owners can produce asphalt from 100 % recycling material while complying with stringent emissions standards.

Features at a glance

  • Plant structure with different levels
  • Internal traffic route planning
  • First plant with a hot-gas generator – the perfect tool for another significant reduction of Ctot and CO2 emissions
  • Recycling feed system
  • Variable cold feed system that can run in parallel
  • Independent recycling drum with counterflow action
  • 5-t mixer
  • Designed for permanent use of rubber bitumen
  • Covered cold feed unit – avoids material moisture
  • Suitable for producing mastic asphalt (bridges, multi-storey car parks, tram tracks)
  • Hot bin section with 13 bins
  • Six 1–2 chamber bitumen tanks, some with agitator for different bitumen types, allow for a large variety of recipes

Perfect collaboration despite coronavirus restrictions

The Teams platform was used for all negotiations during the quotation and order phase, partially due to the lockdown situation. Thanks to the long-standing cooperation with STRABAG, the digital exchange process was excellent – despite the complexity of the planning process. It is a concept that the parties want to retain for the future in addition to in-person meetings.