A Vögele SUPER 2180-3 Li paver and a Hamm HD 148i VO tandem roller

Impressive teamwork

A Vögele SUPER 2180-3 Li paver and a Hamm HD 148i VO tandem roller delivered impressive performance and quality on a major highway construction project in China.

Major road construction project in China’s Shanxi Province The Jincheng-Yangcheng Expressway in China is being widened from two to four lanes in each direction over a total distance of 42.6 km. One part of this project involves the construction of a new bypass road with a length of 3 km and a width of up to 12.5 m This new road serves as a bypass for the highway, which is temporarily closed due to the construction project. On completion of this project, it will be used as a special lane enabling fast access of emergency vehicles to the scenes of accidents. Traffic can also be diverted onto the new road in case of tunnel closures due to emergencies.

The Jincheng-Yangcheng Expressway | Shanxi Province

The widening of the Jincheng-Yangcheng Expressway is a major road construction project in China’s Shanxi Province. The overall length of the road construction project is 42.6 km. The project was located near the city of Jincheng.

Extreme width, high compaction

On the 3 km section, a Vögele paver and a roller from Hamm laid down and compacted a surface layer with a thickness of 6 cm. The SUPER 2180-3 Li Highway Class paver and the 14 t HD 148i VO tandem roller delivered high surface quality in the process. In combination with the SB 300 TV fixed-width screed, the paver laid down a seamless surface layer across a width of 11 to 12.5 m. Thanks to the use of the oscillation system from Hamm, the HD 148i VO tandem roller was able to deliver high-quality compaction in only four passes. These statistics clearly confirm the outstanding capabilities of the Vögele and Hamm machines.

Paving extreme widths: The outstanding capabilities of the Vögele and Hamm machines played a decisive role in assuring the success of this major project.

Outstanding efficiency as a decisive factor

Paving at such extreme widths and efficient, high-quality compaction are a logistically and technically challenging proposition. The construction contractor, Jincheng Luchuang Asphalt Application Co., Ltd., left nothing to chance when planning the project. After a thorough analysis of all available machine technologies, the contractor picked out the two Wirtgen Group machines. Their exceptional efficiency was the main factor that swung the decision in their favour. The SUPER 2180-3 Li, for instance, is specially designed for high paving performance. Amongst other features, its efficient material management and the particularly high capacity of its material hopper made it the ideal choice for the project. The hopper boasts a capacity of 15 t and thus guarantees the rapid transfer of asphalt mix from tipper trucks and contributes to an uninterrupted paving process.

Paver with a fixed width screed for large paving widths

The impressive qualities of the SUPER 2180-3 Li Highway Class paver and the SB 300 TV fixed width screed become particularly clear when paving extreme widths. This was also the case on the highway construction project in Shanxi: The Vögele paver paved the 6 cm surface layer of asphalt concrete at a laydown rate of 2 to 4 m/min – an impressive figure, considering the extreme paving width of 11 to 12.5 m. With the fixed-width screed, the paving crew achieved an even and seamless, high-quality paving result across the entire width. In the course of this, the SB 300 delivered not only high paving performance, but also maximum flexibility and efficiency: Thanks to the extra-wide hydraulic bolt-on extensions, the width of the screed can be hydraulically varied by up to 2.5 m. In view of the varying working widths in Shanxi, this was particularly practical and time-saving, as it was unnecessary to install or remove any bolt-on extensions on the fixed width screed. The operator was able to simply vary the width with the SmartWheel function on the screed control console.

Asphalt paving, view from the rear

Seamless surface layer: With the SB 300 fixed-width screed, the Vögele paver was able to lay down paving widths of up to 12.5 m.

Asphalt paving, view from the rear right

The extra-wide hydraulic bolt-on extensions allow the paving width of the SB 300 to be hydraulically varied by up to 2.5 m

The paver’s material hopper is filled from tipper trucks

Designed for high paving performance: The material hopper of the SUPER 2180-3 Li has a capacity of 15 t.

Thanks to the oscillation system, the tandem roller achieves final compaction in only four passes

The Hamm HD 148i VO tandem roller also impresses with outstanding performance. With a drum width of 2,140 mm and an operating weight of 14 t, the roller easily achieves the high area performance that was also required on the construction site in Shanxi. The use of the dynamic compaction systems vibration and oscillation – indicated by the VO in the model name – ensures high efficiency due to rapidly increasing compaction as the process progresses.

On the construction site in Shanxi, the tandem roller compacted the surface layer at a speed of 5 to 5.7 km/h with activated oscillation. This technology makes it possible to achieve the required degree of compaction in only a few passes. Oscillation is therefore also particularly advantageous in the case of lower temperature asphalt and low ambient temperatures. Developed by Hamm, the technology achieves scientifically verifiable homogeneous and high-quality compaction results. This was also confirmed by the HD 148i VO, on which the oscillation frequency was set to 60 Hz. This enabled the roller driver to achieve the specified degree of final compaction of 99% after only four passes.

HAMMTRONIC also contributed to the efficiency and quality of the construction project. The HAMMTRONIC electronic machine management system monitors all engine and driving functions and automatically adjusts the travel drive, the vibration or oscillation drive and the engine speed to the actual operating conditions. This reduces fuel consumption as well as exhaust gas and noise emissions. HAMMTRONIC therefore contributes to the responsible handling of resources.

In combination with the exhaust gas after-treatment of the Hamm HD 148i VO tandem roller, the engine of the HD 148i VO fulfils all requirements of the Chinese MEE4 exhaust emission standard.

With a drum width of 2,140 mm and an operating weight of 14 t, the HD 148i VO achieves high area performance and simultaneously delivers high compaction quality.

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Oscillation technology from Hamm

Hamm developed oscillation compaction technology over forty years ago and established it on the market. Today, Hamm successfully markets over 40 machine types with oscillation drums in all weight classes – both as earthworks compactors (VIO) and as tandem rollers for asphalt construction (VO, VIO).

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Intuitive operating concepts help to ensure error-free operations

In addition to outstanding efficiency and performance, both the Vögele paver and the Hamm roller also scored top marks when it comes to user-friendliness. For instance, the ErgoPlus 3 operating concept from Vögele made the handling of the SUPER 2180-3 Li particularly easy and contributed to the efficient and error-free completion of the project.

In addition to the clearly laid-out operator’s control console and the two screed control consoles, ErgoPlus 3 also includes an operator’s platform with a swivel-mounted seat and a perfect overview of all relevant aspects of the paving process.

Clear structure and dazzle-free, back-lit control elements: ErgoPlus 3 from Vögele – here the operator’s control console – makes it possible to manage processes on the construction site intuitively and confidently.

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The Hamm roller offers a perfect overview of the construction site and an intuitive operating concept

The Hamm tandem roller also stands for ergonomic and efficient workflows. All displays and control elements are logically laid out on the clearly structured dashboard, and unambiguous symbols are easy to understand without specific language skills. Drive functions are controlled by a joystick on the operator's seat. If required, the angle of the dashboard and the steering column can be adjusted to meet the operator’s individual needs.

The operator’s platform or, if fitted, the panorama cab of the HD series tandem rollers provide a spacious and comfortable workspace and feature an ergonomically-designed, shock absorbing seat that can be swivelled to the right and left and pushed forward or back. This ensures that every operator finds the most comfortable position for efficient working. On request, customers can have a heating and air conditioning system installed in HD roller models with an enclosed cabin.

Thanks to the clear overview of the working area, operators have complete control over their machine in all situations and are able to concentrate fully on the compaction process.

The clear and logical layout of the operator’s cabin and an intuitive operating concept make working with the HD 148i VO particularly comfortable.

Tandem roller, side view

Highlights of the Hamm HD 148i VO

  • 3-point articulation for even weight distribution and outstanding directional stability
  • Ergonomically designed operator's platform with rotatable, seat-mounted control unit and adjustable operator's seat
  • Offsetting the front and rear drums increases the working width, and thereby increases area performance
  • Easy, intuitive and language-neutral operation
  • Excellent overview of the machine and the construction site

The Vögele paver was also deployed on a section of the expressway

The construction of the 3 km bypass road was completed in only four working shifts. The Vögele SUPER 2180-3 Li paver subsequently set the pace in the paving of a further, 16 km, section of the Jincheng-Yangcheng Expressway. In the course of the widening of the expressway to four lanes in each direction, the Highway Class paver was deployed together with a SUPER 1880-3 Li Universal Class paver. On sections that exceeded the 13 m maximum paving width of the SUPER 2180-3 Li, the two machines seamlessly paved the binder course and the asphalt surface layer hot to hot.

'Hot to hot' paving: The SUPER 2180-3 Li was also deployed together with the SUPER 1880-3 Li on a section of the Jincheng-Yangcheng Expressway.

Asphalt paving in progress, view from the front left

The SUPER 2180-3 Li: Highway Class paver – ‘Designed for China’

The SUPER 2180-3 Li is a large paver concept developed by Vögele to fulfil the specific requirements of customers and users in China. The Highway Class paver is designed and constructed for high daily production rates – beginning with the engine. It mobilises an output of 191 kW and provides the basis for high laydown rates of up to 1,100 t/h.

The diesel engine is highly efficient and fulfils the requirements of the current NR4 exhaust emission standard. Like all Dash 3 pavers, the SUPER 2180-3 Li is also equipped with the Vögele EcoPlus low-emissions package, which further reduces emissions and reduces fuel consumption by as much as 25%.