Strong compaction power – fully electric

A tandem roller compacts a newly paved asphalt layer behind a street paver.

Practical tests on construction sites passed with distinction

New, zero-emission battery-powered electric tandem rollers from Hamm

Since the world première at bauma 2022, the electric rollers have been impressing users every day on construction sites. Zero-emission, quiet, hardly any changes when it comes to operation – these are just a few of the pros mentioned by customers. With the introduction of the tandem rollers with purely electrical drive, Hamm has set the agenda for sustainability – a real milestone in the compaction industry. The zero-emission tandem rollers are suitable for versatile tasks in road-building, gardening and landscaping

HD CompactLine with electric drive in demand in Europe

The customer demand for zero-emission rollers confirms the worldwide shift in thinking towards climate-friendly drive solutions. The highly anticipated rollers with electric drive are now available in the DACH region, Central Europe and Scandinavia. The compact models have the same compaction power as their sister models with combustion engine, yet they produce zero local emissions. The electric rollers are operated in exactly the same way as the other models in the HD CompactLine series from Hamm. In the electrified variant, you can choose from 8 different tandem rollers, some with oscillation drums.

A tandem roller with driver drives towards the viewer.

“The machine works extremely quietly yet still has a high compaction force – I didn’t notice any difference. It is also good that the machine is also operated in exactly the same way as the diesel machine, meaning that I could get started as usual, right from the outset. I also liked the driving and steering behaviour.”

Vincent van Tiul, roller driver, Gebr. Van Kessel
Netherlands, HD 10e VV

Enough energy to last the whole day

With their fully electric rollers, Hamm has solved the issue of energy efficiency and energy availability. The low-voltage system supplies the energy for operating in ambient temperatures of up to 45 °C. At temperatures below 0 °C, the battery is heated. This means a typical work day can be handled with ease. To be ready for use again the next day, the battery can be charged overnight. Charging the battery from 0% to 100% at 400 V using a rapid-charging plug requires just approx. 4 hours.

A footpath and cycle path are compacted next to a river.

Zero-emission and quiet

The rollers with 1.0 m or 1.2 m drum width prove how powerfully compact rollers with electric drive can compact on construction sites. On rollers with electric drive instead of diesel engine, operators and local residents both benefit from innovative, sustainable technologies with no emissions.

Relief for people and the environment

Four of the electric models from Hamm are equipped with oscillation drums, including two combination rollers. This is where the already quiet oscillation meets the quiet electric drive. The result of this is quiet compaction machines that produce zero local emissions and cause very few vibrations in the surrounding area. They are ideal for compacting in noise-sensitive and vibration-sensitive areas, such as near hospitals or historical buildings.

A tandem roller with driver driving away from the viewer.

“This roller is ideal for use in cities. What I also found positive is that no training is required, because there is no difference to the models with diesel engines.”

Driver, NCC
Sweden, HD 10e VV

Increased cost efficiency with zero-maintenance electronic components

The vibration or oscillation unit is driven by electric means only via specially designed, compact synchronous motors. As a result, the efficiency rating more than doubles and the energy demand reduces accordingly too. The extensive electrification decreases the hydraulic oil volume by 70% Furthermore, a large portion of the braking energy is fed back into the system by means of regeneration. Overall, the roller has significantly fewer wear parts on board. All electric components, such as the battery, electric motors, inverter or DC-DC converter are completely maintenance-free.

Sustainable overall concept achieves high energy savings

With their electric rollers, Hamm has focused on conserving resources in all aspects The standard automatic electric motor-off function preserves precious battery capacity, just like the control of the working speed in ECO mode. No energy is consumed in park position. The steering motor is only activated once the electric driving lever is actuated. The high power is continuously available and peak power can be called up at any time. HAMMTRONIC monitors and controls all components. The driver can work comfortably and achieve precise results.

Hamm logo for the topic of sustainability in green.

Advantages for tenders in Europe

In some countries, specifications regarding emissions are already an important component of tenders. The lower the emissions, the better the evaluation of construction companies in the awarding process, e.g. via a points system. In some instances, these points systems are already created in such a way that construction companies only have a chance to be awarded if they use electrically driven machines. With their electric rollers, Hamm provides the right solutions to be taken into consideration during the awarding process.

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Carriageway is compacted by the electric roller. The weather is very foggy.