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Screeds – a Vögele core competence

Vögele screeds are valued all over the world for producing durable asphalt pavements and high-quality surfaces

Screeds are the key technology used by road pavers all over the world to create high-quality asphalt courses. The extending screeds and fixed-width screeds of the SUPER pavers are a Vögele core competence. They make it easy for users and customers to deliver first-class results and produce durable asphalt pavements. Vögele supplies over a dozen different models to suit the broad portfolio of pavers – at least one extending screed to match every SUPER road paver and in addition, fixed-width screeds for larger Vögele pavers.

The right screed for every task

Vögele screeds ensure that paving crews can complete the full range of asphalt paving tasks accurately and to a high quality - whether they are constructing a footpath or cycle path, rehabilitating a local road or completing a highway job site where high output counts. One reason for this is the wide range of models. Vögele screeds manage pave widths between 0.25 m and 18 m and layer thicknesses from a few centimetres up to half a metre.

On construction projects with varying pave widths which require a high level of flexibility, SUPER pavers are generally fitted with the particularly variable extending screeds (AB). The sphere of application for fixed-width screeds (SB) is largely highway construction where large pave widths need to be achieved. Vögele also addresses regional market requirements with special screeds, especially the VF and VR screeds for the North American market.

High precision and compaction performance: Vögele screeds are available in the form of extending screeds (AB) and fixed-width screeds (SB).

Vögele screeds use electric heating and are simple to operate

Vögele screeds have been electrically heated since as long ago as 1965. The screed heating system, which has been subject to continuous development, quickly gets screeds to the required temperature. It heats all parts in contact with the material - such as the screed plate and the compacting systems - particularly evenly.

Another feature shared by all Vögele screeds is simple, intuitive operation. Classic Line pavers are operated via ErgoBasic paver operators’ consoles and Premium Line pavers via ErgoPlus screed operators’ consoles. Both operating concepts are based on the same principle: to make work easier and to allow operators to switch between screeds without needing induction.

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Vögele screeds

Extending screeds: Systematic variability

Vögele extending screeds are particularly adaptable, so they can cope with paving in varying widths and on winding carriageways. They cover a huge range of pave widths, ranging from 0.25 m with cut-off shoes and up to 9.5 m with bolt-on extensions. The operating principle of all extending screeds is the single-tube telescoping system. Even at maximum extension, half of the three-part, generously-dimensioned telescoping tube is clamped, ensuring optimum stabilization.

Vögele screeds

Fixed-width screeds: Full width, strong performance

The great rigidity of fixed-width screeds enables them to deliver high-quality, even results. They can consequently be used to pave surface courses without joints in widths of up to 18 m. With hydraulic bolt-on extensions, even fixed-width screeds give users room for manœuvre to vary pave width by up to 1.25 m on each side.

Vögele compaction technology ensures high-quality paving results

Almost all Vögele screeds are available in several compaction models which can be used to achieve different precompaction values. The suffix V is for screeds with vibrators as compacting system, TV for an additional tamper and TP1/TP2 for high compaction screeds with a tamper and one or two pressure bars.

Find out more about our innovative compaction technology here .

Vögele screeds

Screeds with Dual Shift Tamper

A correctly-set tamper is of key importance for the compaction result and for the floating behaviour of screeds. As it is time-consuming to adjust tamper stroke mechanically, it is often not adjusted at all,

which is why Vögele developed the Dual Shift Tamper. This enables paver operators to set the ideal tamper stroke for the task in question quite simply at the touch of a button. On the latest screeds, operators simply press a button on the console to adjust tamper stroke in seconds without any tools at all. Customers can select between a stroke of 2 and 4 mm or of 4 and 8 mm.

Pressure bars for up to 98% compaction performance

Pressure bars driven by pulsed-flow hydraulics are at the core of high-compaction technology. This technology allows screeds of the TP1, TP2 and TP2 Plus models to achieve maximum compaction performance. The highest-performing screeds are the AB 500 TP2 Plus and the AB 600 TP2 Plus, which Vögele developed for the InLine Pave pave train. InLine Pave is a rehabilitation method which paves the surface course immediately after the binder course. In the process, the high compaction screeds compact the binder course at values of up to 98% – without rolling.

Screeds are the heart of every road paver. Our Product Overview shows you the right screed for your application.

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