A world première in this machine class

Fully-enclosed comfort cabin for F-series compact milling machines

An attractive workplace for operators

Wirtgen already presented the completely redesigned generation of compact milling machines at the beginning of 2022 – this is now followed by the next innovation in this machine class: As a world première, the W 100 F(i) to W 130 F(i) compact cold milling machine models can now be fitted with a fully-enclosed comfort cabin. With this innovation, Wirtgen focuses not only on efficiency and environmental compatibility, but also on ergonomics and the reduction of the machine operator’s workload.

Comfort and safety for the machine operator

Our video of a W 120 F(i) compact milling machine at work on Cologne’s Severinsbrücke provides a first impression of the fully-enclosed comfort cabin.

New standards in terms of ergonomics

The fully-enclosed cabin for the W 100 F(i) to W 130 F(i) models offers the machine operator outstanding levels of comfort and safety. It not only provides protection against noise emissions, but also against weather conditions such as wind, rain, sun, heat and cold, and prevents dirt, dust and harmful substances getting into the cabin.

At a glance:

  • A comfortable, low-fatigue workplace
  • Protection against noise emissions
  • Protection against adverse weather conditions
  • Positive-pressure system to prevent dirt, dust, and hazardous substances getting into the cabin
  • Air filtering system for clean cabin air
  • Air-conditioning system for automatic temperature control
  • Clean and dry cabin interior, also during transportation of the machine

Low-fatigue working environment promotes better concentration

More comfort and a reduced burden from environmental factors plus state-of-the-art control elements and digital assistance systems – these are benefits that are unique in this machine class and make the machine operator’s workplace particularly attractive. Factors essential to the realisation of maximum productivity, such as concentration and operator-efficiency, are maintained for considerably longer periods, increase the operator’s motivation and job-satisfaction and contribute to greater safety. The best place to begin a productive working day.

Picture at the right: The cabin protects the operator against environmental influences and provides a workplace in line with the latest standards of ergonomic design.

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Problem-free communication and vandalism protection

Problem-free communication makes many aspects of life on the construction site much easier. Thanks to the fully-enclosed comfort cabin, the ambient noise level is so low that communication with a hands-free phone is easily understandable and enables the operator to use a radio headset for speaking with colleagues on the construction site. The cabin’s easily accessible side window can also be opened for direct, face-to-face communication.

When the cabin is closed and locked, the operator’s workplace and all control elements are ideally protected against vandalism. What also saves time and makes the machine operator’s job much easier is that there is no longer the need to remove and stow away protective covers and bring control panels and screens back to their working position before work can begin and secure everything again at the end of the day’s work.