Smart Compact in asphalt construction and earthworks

Smart Compact

Automatic compaction in asphalt construction and earthworks

Bauma 2022 saw the launch of the Smart Compact digital compaction assistant for tandem rollers in the HX series. Two years on, Hamm is now launching Smart Compact for the compactors in the HC series. A common denominator and major benefit for customers and operators is the automation of the compaction process.

Active support for the driver

The Smart Compact compaction assistant is Hamm’s response to the growing need for precision and efficiency in the construction process and raises compaction quality to a whole new level. Compaction-relevant data is recorded and analysed in real time and used as the basis for automatic adjustment of the compaction parameters and modes. This means the digital compaction assistant not only takes the pressure off the driver in their working day and makes operation simpler, but also improves the surface quality thanks to targeted application of the dynamic or static compaction, minimises the risk of surface damage and increases process reliability.

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Smart Compact in asphalt construction – available for the HX series

Smart Compact has been available for tandem rollers in the HX series since 2022. Since its premiere at Bauma 2022, the compaction assistant has more than proven its mettle out in the field.

The principle is very straightforward: Firstly, the operator selects the type of asphalt course to be compacted (base, binder or asphalt surface course) from the options on the display. Then Smart Compact identifies the optimum compaction mode (vibration – small or big amplitude, oscillation or static) based on the continuous data recordings and then automatically controls this in both drums.

Automatic selection of the compaction mode

The compaction mode is selected on the basis of various parameters:

  • The physical qualities of the asphalt, such as asphalt temperature and rigidity value
  • The cooling behaviour of the asphalt and the resultant compaction window – which is influenced on the one hand by known factors such as the layer thickness or the mixed material used and on the other hand by unforeseeable factors such as air temperature, substrate temperature and wind conditions.

Smart Compact also calculates when dynamic compaction is no longer advisable and automatically switches to the ECO mode. This in turn lowers the engine speed and reduces the fuel consumption by up to 15%. This improves compaction quality at the same time as preserving not only the machine but resources too.

HX series roller with Smart Compact at work compacting a carriageway

Advantages at a glance:

  • Homogeneous compaction
  • No over-compaction
  • Reduced surface damage
  • Increased user safety = increased quality
  • Lower CO₂ emissions and diesel consumption thanks to the reduction in double passes
  • Easier and more convenient for the operator
  • Support for inexperienced drivers (little previous knowledge required, intuitive operation)

Smart Compact in earthworks – available for compactors in the HC series with VA drum

The automatic and simplified compaction plays an important part in increasing quality and efficiency in earthworks too. Hamm now offers the Smart Compact digital compaction assistant for the new models in the HC series with VA drum, with “VA” standing for “variable amplitude”. The 20 t and 25 t compactors HC 200i C VA and HC 250i C VA are currently available in markets with exhaust emission standard EU Stage V/EPA Tier 4f, with other markets and models due to follow.

Automatic compaction to a target value

Before compaction commences, a target compaction value is defined in MN/m², based on typical values for load-bearing capacity. Smart Compact then regulates the compaction in automatic mode until this target value is achieved. This compaction value, Smart Compaction Value (SCV), is independent of such parameters as working speed, direction of travel or frequency and is measured by the Smart Compaction Meter (SCM). This means that even when different weight classes are used, the measured values are highly comparable.

Automatic mode delivers high quality and process reliability

Automatic mode and manual mode – both options are possible. In automatic mode, the machine control system automatically regulates the amplitude. This ensures compaction is homogeneous and prevents over-compaction or particle crushing – also an appealing solution for inexperienced operators. As an added benefit, making fewer double passes reduces CO₂ emissions and diesel consumption as well as reducing the mechanical strain on the machine.

In manual mode, the operator has the choice of five different amplitudes. Smart Compact in earthworks is controlled by the tried-and-tested Easy Drive system.

HC series roller with Smart Compact

Benefits of Smart Compact (HC series):

  • Automatic compaction to target value in MN/m²
  • No over-compaction, high process reliability
  • Operator errors impossible with vibration
  • No jump operation, fewer double passes
  • Wide spectrum of application by means of manual selection of the amplitudes
  • Lower CO₂ emissions, lower diesel consumption
  • Less mechanical strain on the machine and the operator
  • Irrespective of operator’s training/experience
  • Prevents operator errors and increases safety: Inexperienced drivers can focus their attention on driving and surroundings