The Sustainable Path

To us, sustainability isn’t simply a trend...

....but rather an integral part of our corporate principles. The WIRTGEN GROUP incorporates sustainability into all of our business processes. Environmental considerations are given top priority right from the development and design phase of the WIRTGEN GROUP’s products, and are a central element in all stages of the production chain – right through to the use of the machines in projects around the world. We know that the future belongs to climate-friendly products. We’re already manufacturing them today.

Green Product Innovations

The fact that construction machinery from the WIRTGEN GROUP complies with applicable emissions regulations is by no means enough for us. We make continuous advancements to the machine technology used in our products and already lay the groundwork for environmentally friendly products and solutions during the design phase.

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Environmentally Friendly Processes

Thanks to our innovative products and technologies, we have a lasting impact on the way roads are built. From cold milling to asphalt recycling and environmentally friendly surface mining. Due to the high quality of our products and technologies, our processes offer not only environmentally friendly, but also efficient solutions for our customers.

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Environmentally Friendly Production

The WIRTGEN GROUP’s brand headquarters in Germany and its local production facilities in Brazil, China, and India are among the most advanced of their kind. Environmentally friendly processing machines and coordinated production processes ensure that operations are efficient and conserve resources.

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Social Commitment

The WIRTGEN GROUP has been associated with the “Children in Need” charity group (“Kinder in Not” e.V.) for many years and helps it implement social projects.

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Assuming Responsibility

John Deere is committed to the success of those whose work is linked to the land. John Deere’s sustainability goals reflect this commitment and the need to protect people and the environment. As part of John Deere, we support this commitment and its sustainability goals.

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