Cutting tools for cold recyclers and soil stabilizers

GENERATION Z picks and WCC milling tools

GENERATION Z  is the all-rounder among picks for cold recycling and soil stabilization and impresses thanks to its product characteristics, such as high fracture resistance in the carbide tip.

The WCC milling tool is used for stabilizing compact soils and is the ideal tool wherever large pieces of rock cause enormous impact stress.


All-rounder for cold recycling and soil stabilization

GENERATION Z picks excel due to unique product features, which, most importantly, reduce operating costs. Thanks to their adapted shank design and optimized carbide tip geometry with a reinforced carbide base, the picks in this product line are designed to withstand high impact loads and are thus the ideal solution for recycling and stabilizing applications.

The relatively large steel body volume compared to conventional picks and the reinforced wear plate deliver the longest possible service life for tools and optimum protection for the upper part of the toolholders in applications involving abrasive materials.

Highlights of GENERATION Z picks
Carbide tip
Steel body
Pick shaft
Wear plate
Clamping sleeve

The carbide mix with a high cobalt content of 7% and the reinforced carbide base deliver high stability in the carbide, even under extremely high impact loads. The GENERATION Z  all-rounders thus offer the optimal solution for all cold recycling and soil stabilizing applications.

TOP 5 Highlights


  • High operational reliability thanks to exceptional impact stress resistance
  • Greater productivity, particularly when mixing abrasive materials
  • Maximum machine advance rate thanks to flow-optimized pick geometry

WCC milling tools

Specialist in stony ground

WCC (WIRTGEN COMPACT CARBIDE) milling tools are eminently suitable for mixing compact soils with large pieces of rock thanks to their tool geometry and materials. They feature a highly wear-resistant carbide cutting edge, which is extremely fracture-resistant and impact-proof.

Depending on their use, WCC milling tools make a useful addition to the existing pick range with conventional carbide tips.

Highlights of WCC milling tools
Carbide cutting edge
Protective element
Wear volume
Chip breaking web
HT22 interface
Cutting tools for cold recyclers and soil stabilisers

Comprehensive information on cutting tools for cold recyclers and soil stabilisers can be found in our brochure.


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