Picks and cutting tools

Increased productivity, reduced costs

Picks are a vital ingredient of the WIRTGEN cutting technology

They remove the pavement in the milling process, granulating it into small-sized, reusable material. The different operating conditions and types of stress encountered on construction sites both require and promote the development and ongoing refinement of the picks.

The design of the picks varies between the different types depending on the intended use and/or area of application. The components and their function are always identical, however.

Cold milling machines

The all-rounder among picks for cold milling is GENERATION . PCD milling tools are the ideal choice for surface course rehabilitation and (micro) fine milling.

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GENERATION Z is the all-rounder among picks for cold recycling and soil stabilization. The WCC milling tool is used for stabilizing compact soils.

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Surface Miners

Selecting the right pick is of vital importance both for high cutting performance and for the service life of the pick itself.

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