The Wirtgen Group at Paving Expo 2023 in Brazil ‘The Future in Roadbuilding – Smart. Safe. Sustainable.’

Groundbreaking solutions for the road construction industry

The Wirtgen Group and John Deere will be making a joint appearance at Paving Expo in São Paulo, Brazil, from 24 to 26 May 2023. Under the motto ‘The Future in Roadbuilding – Smart. Safe. Sustainable’, visitors to booth 38 at the show will have an opportunity to gain insights into the company group’s innovative and sustainable solutions.

Focus on sustainable road construction

In the future, modern road construction will be possible only with sustainable and efficient solutions that satisfy the growing demand for protection of the environment and the safety of humanity and nature. In view of this, the Wirtgen Group supports its customers not only with innovative solutions for individual machines, but also with the development and realisation of ‘green’ drive system technologies. Much more than this, with its production systems, the group provides the end-to-end solutions that customers need to be able to cost-efficiently and sustainably realise their (road) construction projects. Alongside correctly-dimensioned machines or machine combinations, these also include digital assistance and documentation systems, application-relevant equipment options, and correspondingly optimised applications and methods.

Focus on asphalt recycling Presentations by industry experts accompany the machines exhibited at the show

When it comes to maintaining traffic infrastructure not only in Latin America, but around the globe, the processing of recycling asphalt is a particularly cost-efficient application that above all conserves valuable natural resources. In their presentations on the subject of ‘The future of asphalt recycling in Brazil’, the two product and applications specialists from Ciber, Adriano Rosa and Vinicius Amann, will be introducing their audience to the advantages and benefits of cold recycling and the options offered by hot recycling. Both presentations will be held in Auditorium 3 of the Blue Pavilion in the Expo Center North.

Trade visitors to the Wirtgen Group booth can look forward to seeing exhibits such as the iNOVA 1500 C mobile asphalt mixing plant from Ciber. Amongst other things, this plant enables the addition of up to 40% RAP in the asphalt mixing process. Cold milling machines like the W 200 F from Wirtgen selectively remove surface layers, binder courses, and base layers and re-incorporate them in the asphalt mix production process to achieve a closed materials loop. High-precision asphalt paving is then carried out by road pavers such as the SUPER 1400 Universal paver from Vögele. High-quality compaction is then provided by machines such as the articulated tandem rollers and HD 14 VT combination rollers from the internationally successful HD CompactLine series.

Solutions for the earthworks sector: Latin American première of the HC 200 compactor

In the earthworks sector, John Deere will be presenting the 444G Mid-size Wheel Loader and the 622G Motor Grader. With the Hamm HC 200 compactor, the Wirtgen Group will be presenting a machine from the new HC series for the first time in the Latin American marketplace. The impressive compaction performance, intuitive operating concept, and outstanding operator comfort make these compactors the ideal choice for almost all earthworks projects.

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