Transportation asphalt mixing plant TBA

TBA Transportation asphalt mixing plant

160 - 320 t/h

60 - 150 t

0 - 517 t

The specialist.

TBA mixing plants are suitable for both semi-mobile and stationary use. The high level of flexibility, available options, large storage capacities of the hot bin section and mixed material loading silo and the continuous retrofitting options for the components turn the TBA into an impressive specialist.

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160 - 320 t/h

Nominal mixing capacity

4 % material moisture

Basic parameters

up to 4 fuels possible

Multi-fuel burners

5-fold or 6-fold


60 - 150 t

Hot bin section

up to 14 bins

Virgin mineral

0 - 517 t

Mixed material loading silo

up to 40 %

Cold recycling

REVOC system

Reduction of emissions

Highlights in detail
High-tech plant power
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User benefit
Benninghoven Sustainabilty

It’s all in the mix!

BENNINGHOVEN plants discontinuously mix the precisely weighed components (mineral, bitumen, filler) of the asphalt mixture in batches in an asphalt mixer as required by the recipe.

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EVO JET burner

When it comes to operating asphalt mixing plants in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible, burner technology combined with fuel choice offer the greatest potential. The complete know-how and wealth of experience from over 70 years of burner competence support the development of unique burners with excellent properties, including for future-proof fuels.

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Rising operating costs require innovative solutions: Decades of experience, research and development in bitumen storage have resulted in the design of storage tanks and the associated equipment. Maximum operating reliability, low operating costs and minimum energy consumption are the targets achieved by this development.

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Control systems

The BENNINGHOVEN control system optimises and controls your production processes and generates all parameters you need for monitoring your operating costs. This approach makes it very simple to prepare project-based final costings. Decades of experience and listening to plant operators have created the perfect platform for a user-friendly control system.

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Cold recycling

The BENNINGHOVEN cold recycling feed systems can be used to feed up to 40% recycling material into the mixing plant, with the cold RAP material being fed directly into the mixer. These systems can be used to handle even very small volumes of up to 2 t. A hot feed system can be integrated to offer the required flexibility.

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Sustainability by Benninghoven

Working more efficiently with sustainable and economical technologies is the challenge of today and tomorrow. Benninghoven offers a variety of innovative solutions for increasing sustainability in asphalt production.

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