Levelling in an automated process

In cutting and milling, it is crucial to remove pavements to the specified depth. The intuitive WIRTGEN LEVEL PRO / LEVEL PRO PLUS / LEVEL PRO ACTIVE  levelling technology can be relied on to precisely maintain the preset cutting and milling depth. The hightech system is fully integrated into the machine’s overall management system.

LEVEL PRO / LEVEL PRO PLUS / LEVEL PRO ACTIVE  continuously reconciles the actual cutting and milling depth with the preset target value. Any deviations detected by the system are levelled out dynamically by means of proportional control. The actual cutting and milling depth is determined by means of optical or mechanical sensors scanning a reference surface.

  • The new LEVEL PRO / LEVEL PRO PLUS / LEVEL PRO ACTIVE levelling system offers intuitive, one-hand operation via a rotary control and free menu configuration.
  • Full integration of the LEVEL PRO / LEVEL PRO PLUS / LEVEL PRO ACTIVE levelling system into the machine management system allows a high degree of automation.
  • The LEVEL PRO / LEVEL PRO PLUS / LEVEL PRO ACTIVE levelling system offers many complementary and automated features which relieve the operator of a part of his workload. This also results in a faster progress of operations.
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High-precision, versatile levelling LEVEL PRO ACTIVE

New, easy-to-use operating concept LEVEL PRO ACTIVE

The new LEVEL PRO ACTIVE levelling system especially developed for cold milling machines and featuring innovative operating panels is intuitive and easy to operate. Fully integrated into the machine control system, it enables a high degree of automation because important machine functions are directly linked to each other, guaranteeing precise milling results. In addition, LEVEL PRO ACTIVE offers a simple and field-tested 3D system interface with the 3D kit.

New additional and automatic functions

The LEVEL PRO ACTIVE levelling system offers many automatic and additional functions that make the operator’s job easier. All of the connected sensors are displayed and can be selected on the control panel. This also speeds up work processes. This means the entire machine can be lifted quickly and easily to drive over a manhole cover, for example.

The machine is adjusted in height via the lifting columns of the front and rear wheel or track units, all of which are interlinked hydraulically. If one of the wheel or track units climbs over a hump or drops into a dip, the resulting difference in height is levelled out automatically by the remaining three wheel or track units. This fourfold full-floating feature enables the machine to always align itself to the ground automatically, which results in significantly improved machine stability.

Closely linked to this feature is the PTS system (Parallel To Surface) integrated in the levelling system, which aligns the machine parallel to the ground surface during the milling process and supports the operator in positioning the machine in the milling cut.

The integrated auto-start feature allows the wheel or track units to be lowered to the specified depth simultaneously at the mere push of a button; the milling drum penetrates the material more slowly as a result. Manual adjustment of the rear wheel or track units to maintain the specified working depth is no longer required. Operation of the machine is simplified considerably at the same time.

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