Levelling technology

High-precision results

WIRTGEN levelling technology controls height, depth and slope to achieve results of maximum precision.

In the process, the system continuously reconciles the actual values with a preselected target value, correcting any deviations by means of proportional control.

State-of-the-art machine engineering ensures levelling results of consistently high quality while at the same time relieving the machine operator of a significant part of his workload.

WIRTGEN offers customers reliable hardware and software developed in-house. Different systems are used depending on the construction project to be completed and local conditions on site.

  • Precise results
  • State-of-the-art machine engineering
  • Systems developed in-house
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Sensors and scanning equipment

Deviations from the target value are picked up by the sensors and calculated by the levelling system, which then automatically transmits a corrective value to the machine.

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Levelling systems

The levelling system performs level and slope control in a fully automated process. It evaluates the signals transmitted by the sensors, calculates the deviations from the preset target value and automatically translates the information into level and slope corrections to be performed by the machine.

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Levelling in road rehabilitation and in the mining of primary resources

In cold milling, cold recycling and surface mining operations, it is of vital importance to remove pavement surfaces to the specified depth.

Examples of use:

  • Removing defined layer thicknesses (e.g. removal of surface course and binder course)
  • Pavement removal at full depth
  • Corrective milling with strict requirements in terms of surface evenness (e.g. fine milling prior to thin-layer paving)
  • Removing asphalt at a specified cross slope (e.g. fine milling of a road pavement for optimized drainage)
  • Producing surfaces to maximum evenness (e.g. in building floor rehabilitation or tunnel construction)
  • Selective mining of materials
  • Cutting foundations to prepare the ground for road construction

Levelling in concrete paving

In concrete paving, highly precise level and cross slope control is of vital importance to make sure that concrete profiles are produced to specification.

Examples of use:

  • Production of poured-in-place profiles such as safety barriers or kerb and gutter profiles
  • Production of pavements such as bicycle paths or agricultural roads
  • Production of slab tracks in railroad bed and tunnel construction

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