VÖGELE Ventilation System

Ventilation system for extracting bitumen vapours

The limit values for bitumen vapours and aerosols produced when hot asphalt is processed are forever coming up for discussion. For years, JOSEPH VÖGELE AG has offered its customers a solution in the form of an extraction device/ventilation system. The result is that vapours and aerosols from the hot asphalt are re-routed, considerably reducing the exposure of operators of both pavers and screeds.

Note: the design of the ventilation systems supplied by VÖGELE differs depending on the series in question. The pictures show the system for the SUPER 1900-3(i) and SUPER 2100-3(i) pavers by way of example.

How it works

the ventilation system takes in the vapours via the intake ducts and routes them away from the vicinity of the operating team. The suction action is created by a radial fan developed specifically for the system and positioned on the inside of the machine. The intake is located directly above the discharge point of the conveyor. The extracted aerosols and vapours are mixed with fresh air and routed away from here over the roof of the paver via an exhaust air pipe behind the operator’s platform.

Visibility not impeded in any way: the system was developed together with the machine and perfectly integrated in the design.

No dismantling: on Universal Class and Highway Class pavers, the exhaust air pipe folds down with the roof for transport.

No additional noise: on Universal Class and Highway Class pavers, the fan was positioned inside the machine.


VÖGELE currently supplies ventilation systems for all classes of paver. It goes without saying that these systems can also be retrofitted to existing machines of the “Dash 3” generation.

The guidelines

All VÖGELE ventilation systems have been tested in a so-called tracer gas test in line with the guidelines issued by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The test method was created by NIOSH in 1997 and validated by the French Research Institute for Occupational Health and safety (l’Institut national de recherche et de sécurité - INRS) in 2012. According to this laboratory test, the ventilation system extracts at least 80% of the tracer gas.

Innovative technology

The VÖGELE product range includes the right paver for every application. We use innovative technology to create solutions for our customers.