Clearly defined goals

Sustainability goals of the WIRTGEN GROUP

In accord with the sustainability goals set out in the John Deere Leap Ambitions 2022 , we, as the WIRTGEN GROUP and a part of the Construction & Forestry Division, have committed ourselves to the achievement of clearly defined goals within the next four and eight years:

WIRTGEN GROUP sustainability goals by 2026

We will expand the range of battery-electric models in our product portfolio. We will equip machines with low-emission and zero-emission drive systems and enable connectivity for 42,000 WIRTGEN GROUP machines.

WIRTGEN GROUP sustainability goals by 2030

We have committed to achieving a 50% reduction of operational CO₂e emissions (Scopes 1 and 2). For Scope 3, we will reduce CO₂e emissions by 30% and thus make a decisive contribution to the decarbonisation of the entire road construction process chain. Accounting takes place in accordance with the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

We utilise the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard for the accounting of our CO₂e emissions.

Corporate goals as added value for the customer

Our customers also remain the focus of our thoughts and actions in the achievement of our goals. We know that our customers enjoy direct benefits on their own emissions balance sheet when we reduce emissions in SCOPE 3 (use of sold products). Equally, the world of nature also benefits from more sustainable solutions for road construction.

Three fields of action for the achievement of our goals

To enable us to achieve our sustainability goals, we focus on three fields of action: Operations, namely how we manufacture our products in our factories; Machine efficiency, i.e. the development of innovative product solutions and Production Systems, system solutions for special usage cases.

Assuming responsibility

John Deere makes every effort to develop and realise solutions that safeguard the livelihoods of individuals and communities around the globe for generations to come. This engagement is also reflected in the John Deere sustainability goals. As a branch of John Deere, the Wirtgen Group is proud to support these sustainability goals.

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