Big demand for Vögele’s new mini pavers

Successful market launch in Europe

Following the premiere at Bauma 2022, Vögele has now started supplying the diesel-powered MINI 500 and MINI 502 models. The company’s smallest pavers have pave widths of 0.25 m to 1.8 m and are thus ideal for undertaking even the narrowest building projects using machines. The battery-powered MINI 500e and MINI 502e models will be available in 2024.

Vögele is complementing the bottom end of its product range with the MINI 500 tracked paver and the MINI 502 wheeled model: the manufacturer’s smallest road pavers supplement the SUPER 700i and SUPER 800i Mini class models and are just perfect for particularly small building projects in cramped spaces.

Maximum quality at minimum width

With a basic width of just 0.9 m and pave widths of 0.25 m to 1.8 m, they are suitable, among other things, for paving between rail tracks, filling narrow ditches or constructing footpaths and cycle paths. This allows contractors to complete even the smallest project using a machine, rather than by hand, resulting in much greater efficiency, convenience and quality. This is particularly helpful on long, narrow sections – when laying fibreoptic cable or repairing pipelines, for example. “The market launch in Europe has been very successful to date, demand is high,” says Marcio Cavalcanti Happle, Head of Sales, Local Marketing and Product/Customer Support at Vögele. “The new pavers plug the gap in the Mini class segment and complete our product range. Our complete range of pavers and screeds now covers minimum and maximum pave widths of 0.25 m to 18 m.”

Compact, light and manœuvrable

With their water-cooled 2-cylinder diesel engine, the MINI 500 and MINI 502 deliver an output of 10.2 kW and are especially agile. Both machines have a very small turning circle and need very little space to manœuvre. With their compact dimensions and a weight of around just 1,200 kg (wheeled model) and 1,400 kg (tracked model), the pavers are also particularly easy to transport. The material hopper with hopper sides means that pavers can also be fed with mix very easily via either wheel loaders or excavators.

E-powered models available in 2024

After the market launch in Europe, Vögele is gradually extending the sales area for diesel-powered pavers. The battery-operated models, the MINI 500e and the MINI 502e, will follow in 2024.

Field testing Vögele’s smallest paver, the MINI 500

Positive verdict: an asphalt paving equipment rental company tests the new MINI 500 in the course of a fibre-optic network expansion project near Stuttgart, Germany.

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