Inset Slipform Pavers from Wirtgen: Top-Quality Concrete Paving

Inset slipform pavers such as the Wirtgen SP 62i are the ideal choice for the cost-effective paving of concrete surfacing. This was also the case in College Station, a town about 150 km northwest of Houston, Texas, where the machine from the SP 60 series paved new lanes on the site of the former Texas World Speedway – and did it with extreme precision.

SP 62i Builds New Roads for Texas

More than 76,000 m² of road will be needed there for the new “Southern Pointe residential area,” which will be built over an area of 2.6 km² over the next 12 years. “We chose the SP 62i because we often work within the city limits,” said Mark Schinzler, operations manager at Larry Young Paving Inc, commenting on one of the company’s selection criteria. The compact 2-track paver from Wirtgen can be used for high-precision paving of concrete surfaces between 3.50 m and 7.50 m wide and up to 450 mm thick – with special paving widths, thicknesses, and options available on request.

The intelligent steering and control system of Wirtgen’s compact SP 62i inset paver guarantees extremely smooth operation.

In College Station, construction activities began at the south entrance of the new residential area. The inset paver paved the concrete on a lime-stabilized sub-base over a length of 670 m in two passes, 11.5 m wide, 200 mm thick, and with a crown of three percent. In this process, the machine stood out thanks to its quiet operation and technical features such as the automatic super smoother. “It’s amazing how the super smoother eliminates unevenness,” said Mr. Schinzler, delighted with the extremely flat concrete surface. The same goes for the SP 62i’s ease of operation, which the team was able to experience during a training session at the Wirtgen Center for Training & Technology in Nashville before purchasing it.

“All of our employees are very familiar with the paver’s operation and feel comfortable working with it,” said the operations manager. In addition, he praised the Wirtgen Group’s customer service in the USA: “The support we receive when we have technical and operational questions is fantastic. Their employees are always there for us, 24 hours a day.”

Wallace Phillips, developer of the Southern Pointe project, and Larry Young, president of Larry Young Paving Inc, during a tour of the first section of the route.

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