The Kleemann jaw crusher plant MC 125 RR crushes 600 tons an hour

Natural stone processing frequently requires individual solutions to ensure optimum processing of special stone.

At the bauma trade fair in 2016, Kleemann GmbH presented such a special plant in the form of the MOBICAT MC 125 RR. The mobile jaw crusher is equipped with a special wobbler feeder for prescreening to permit thorough screening of cohesive feed material. Since summer 2016, the plant has been operated by SMBP in a limestone quarry near Berchères-les-Pierres in France.

SMBP has been processing limestone for concrete production since 1978 in the region Centre-Val de Loire. For a new limestone mining project, the acquisition of a new crushing plant was necessary. To permit regular movement of the plant in accordance with mining progress, the decision fell on a mobile solution. With the MOBICAT MC 162 PRR, SMBP was already using a special plant from Kleemann for limestone processing. The jaw crushing plant has processed 25 million tons of material in the last 15 years. "The MC 162 PRR is tailored exactly to my application and I am very satisfied with its performance", says Christian Laye, General Director of SMBP. "This is why I contacted Kleemann to have another mobile special plant designed." The sticky limestone makes thorough prescreening necessary. The MC 125 RR was therefore equipped with a two-stage wobbler feeder.

To ensure efficient processing of the sticky limestone, the MC 125 RR was equipped with a special wobbler feeder.

Since July 2016, SMBP has been using the 160 ton MC 125 RR in the first crushing stage. The limestone with a size of 0 - 900 mm is delivered onto the elliptical rollers in the first stage of the wobbler feeder. The stones are freed of dirt and dust. The material is levelled and then conveyed to the second stage of the wobbler feeder for further cleaning and better material distribution. Fine material of 0-80 mm falls through the rollers onto a conveyor belt and leaves the process via the side discharge conveyor. This reduces wear on the jaw crusher and a total output of 600 tons an hour is achieved. The oversize grain is crushed to 0-300 mm and then further processed by a stationary plant for concrete production.

The mobile jaw crusher plant MOBICAT MC 125 RR crushes up to 600 tons of limestone tons an hour.

The quarry in which the MC 125 RR is used has a total area of 250 hectares. In the next few years, the company expects to process 1.6 tons of limestone in this area. A stationary plant was planned for processing from 2018 onwards. The mobile jaw crusher plant was therefore initially used to develop the quarry and make space for a stationary plant. Following this, the MC 125 RR will be used in a further quarry by SMBP.