More knowledge and thus a higher performance

Plant data on the smartphone

SPECTIVE CONNECT is the logical extension of SPECTIVE because it moves the user interface of the crusher into the excavator or wheel loader and thus directly to the operator.

Apart from relevant data such as speed, consumption values, productivity and fill levels, fault messages and even live camera images are presented. Work, therefore, does not need to be interrupted to view the status. The option for preparing a clearly arranged report creates additional transparency for the operating company.*

Operator information App
  • All relevant data at a glance
  • Overview of all plants in the train
  • The operator can remain in the excavator/wheel loader
  • No interruption to the work process
  • Increase in work safety
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Detection as to whether the plant is ready for SPECTIVE CONNECT?

Whether your plant is basically prepared for SPECTIVE CONNECT is shown on the decal SPECTIVE CONNECT ready. In the medium term, all SPECTIVE plants will also be ready for SPECTIVE CONNECT.

Check availability and connect with the plant?

To check whether SPECTIVE CONNECT is also really available on this plant, or to connect directly, proceed as follows:
1. Select the WiFi symbol on the SPECTIVE start screen.
2. Scan the QR code and you are connected with the plant immediately.

Are you ready for SPECTIVE CONNECT?

Your plant is equipped with the SPECTIVE CONNECT option? Great! Then download the App here for your smartphone and then you can start.

During the initial connection, a QR code appears in the SPECTIVE plant display at the push of a button. Scan this code with the smartphone – and the plant is already connected with the SPECTIVE CONNECT App. The connection is always set up automatically if you are in the vicinity of the machine.

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Non-verbal display of all information on the crushing plant relevant in automatic mode:

> Average fuel consumption

> Average production output

> Gap setting

> Fill levels of fuel and urea

> Speeds and velocities

> Utilisation


Report on operation and the output of the crushing plant:

> Consumption and plant performance

> Average production output

> Plant usage

Incomprehensible paper reports are a thing of the past. The modern operator forwards the quickly generated SPECTIVE CONNECT report by mail or messenger and thus also has the option of including further details, e.g. a tool change.

Fault elimination aids

Display of all active faults incl. fault history and troubleshooting aids, as you already know from the SPECTIVE touch panel.

> Push message after a fault has occurred. The operator can decide himself whether work has to be interrupted for fault elimination.

> Time saving: in many cases, e.g. a low fuel fill level, a call is sufficient. The process does not have to be interrupted to do this.

> Targeted support with fault elimination through troubleshooting aids. The smartphone can be taken along directly to the faulty component. This also means that forgotten troubleshooting help steps are a thing of the past.

Live camera images

Display of the video live image of the cameras in the crusher and feed area. Foreign materials or dangers can be detected in order to stop feeding in good time in emergencies.

> Presentation of several cameras in the split-screen

> Switch to the vertical display (landscape) possible

Find out more about the interaction between operator and mobile crushing plant

The film shows functions that will possibly only be available at a later time.


Your machine is not yet equipped with the SPECTIVE CONNECT option. It can be easily retrofitted. Find out more from your WIRTGEN GROUP contact partner.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes SPECTIVE Connect builds up its own WLAN. The WLAN is secure and can only be accessed with the corresponding password.

The distance from which SPECTIVE CONNECT can receive data from the plant depends heavily on ambient conditions.

A free view without obstacles results in a longer range. The aim of SPECTIVE CONNECT is to transfer the operating concept with all relevant information on the plant to the operator in the excavator and not to transmit data over a range as far as possible.

As a guideline, however, in an area of 50-80 m around the crushing plant a good reception can be expected; even further depending on the situation.

Specialised knowledge:If the operator leaves the reception area with SPECTIVE CONNECT and then returns, he connects again automatically with the plant.

An overview showing all machines for which SPECTIVE CONNECT is available can be found at the bottom of the page under "Downloads"

SPECTIVE CONNECT can be retrofitted on all plants for which it is also available in series production. As is the case usually with retrofittable options, assembly instructions will also be delivered.

An overview showing all machines for which SPECTIVE CONNECT is available can be found at the bottom of the page under "Downloads"

At present, you have to actively select the plant with which you would like to be connected. In future, it will be possible to connect with a plant train.

Yes, that is possible. If too many devices are connected, however, malfunctions are possible as with every WLAN. Normally a maximum of 3 persons are in the vicinity of a plant. They can connect to the plant at the same time without any problems.

WITOS® FleetView is a telematics system for efficient Fleet and Service Management. The telematics unit installed in the plant transfers machine data via the mobile radio network to the WITOS® FleetView backend. The fleet manager or a service partner in the office can view this data via a web portal. WITOS® FleetView focuses on machine and maintenance data of the plants.

SPECTIVE CONNECT, on the other hand, is the extension of the user-oriented SPECTIVE operating concept. SPECTIVE CONNECT is a digital solution (mobile App) that supports the operator on the work site on a typical workday.

SPECTIVE CONNECT receives data from the plant per WLAN. The App user has an option for preparing reports and then sending them via the mobile radio network. Apart from some machine data, SPECTIVE CONNECT focuses the application and performance data.

Yes, SPECTIVE CONNECT also has offline functions free of charge. They can also be used without hardware.

Simply download the App from the App Store or Google Play and try it out.

On the contrary: thanks to SPECTIVE CONNECT, the operator does not need to climb out of the excavator or wheel loader as much as before to obtain information from the plant. As a result, the work process is interrupted less frequently and the plant performance and efficiency are increased.

The operator enters the danger area around the plant less than usual and is not exposed as much to environmental influences such as noise, dust, heat, cold and dampness. This increases comfort and work safety.

Plant performance, consumption and plant utilisation are made available in a transparent report. Apart from the basic documentation, this also provides an option for analysing the production process.

Furthermore, SPECTIVE CONNECT supports troubleshooting in a targeted manner and contributes to the reduction in downtimes if a fault should happen to occur on a machine.

As the WLAN of the plant has no connection to the Internet, a prompt usually appears on the smartphone asking whether mobile data is to be used in addition to the WLAN. This allows the operator to use the Internet and SPECTIVE CONNECT simultaneously.

SPECTIVE CONNECT has no effect at all on your data volume because the App still receives all data via the WLAN of the plant.

Caution: The function was deactivated often in the past when users, e.g. save data in the local WLAN and want to avoid surfing accidentally in the Internet via the mobile data connection.

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* It is possible that the App or individual features of it are not yet available in every country.

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