Cold recycling

Cold recycling

Economical end eco-friendly – not only does recycling save limited resources, it also significantly lowers costs while increasing efficiency.

As a competent partner, BENNINGHOVEN offers a wide range of products in the area of recycling feed systems. For cold feed systems, we can already achieve recycling rates of up to 40 % with different technologies, from feeding into the dryer drum or into the mixer to multi-variable dosing.

Whether on one of our plants or on a third-party product, whether as a retrofit or as an expansion on an existing hot feed system to maximise flexibility.

Middle ring feed system

The middle ring feed system allows up to 25 % recycling material to be added.

Existing systems from any manufacturer can be retrofitted easily. For centre ring feed, large quantities of recycling material are used. The material is introduced into the dryer drum with a belt and a ring elevator, mixed with the virgin mineral and heated gently.

BENNINGHOVEN has designed a special solution for avoiding caking in the drum and the chutes. The generated rough filler from the dedusting system is used to coat the recycling material with the aim of improving the transport characteristics of the heated recycling material through the asphalt mixing plant (reduces adhesions).

Mixer feed

For mixer feed, up to 30 % recycling material can be added depending on composition, quality and moisture content.

Retroftting on plants from any manufacturer can be implemented without problems. For the mixer feed, large quantities of recycling material are possible.

The recycling material is conveyed directly from the feed hopper to the mixer level with an inclined conveyor or alternatively with a space-saving elevator. Dosing is carried out with belt scales so that a precisely defined recycling volume is fed to the mixer through a chute.

Multi-variable feed and variable feed

The multi-variable dosing system allows the addition of 40 % RAP material – the highest possible ratio for cold recycling.

Compared to the variable dosing system, the multi-variable dosing system can be used not only for adding recycling material, but also for adding bulk materials or additives. The additional weighing belt allows for exact dosing of these substances. In addition to the powder and granulate feed systems, this offers another option of introducing additional substances into the mixing process.

The recycling material is conveyed directly from the feed hopper to the mixer level with an inclined conveyor or alternatively with an elevator. A recycling quantity defined in the mixing recipe is added to the mixer in portions. Highly precise weighing technology allows for very exact dosing. Gentle, cyclic addition prevents strong hydraulic shocks during water expansion and is therefore gentle on material and components.

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Working more efficiently with sustainable and economical technologies is the challenge of today and tomorrow. Benninghoven offers a variety of innovative solutions for increasing sustainability in asphalt production.

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