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From earthworks and rock construction to road construction and material processing in the aggregates business, the Wirtgen Group’s products are used all over the world. Find out how you can leverage our solutions from a single source to significantly cut the cost of your projects.

Earthworks and rock construction

Robust solutions: This applies to every layer below the road surface or structure, from the subgrade to frost protection and base layers. Through soil stabilisation and high-grade compaction, these layers gain the necessary load-bearing capacity and can act as the foundation for long-lasting roads and buildings. In short: building for the long term begins with the soil.

Pavement replacement

Fast and effective: Roads have to withstand heavy loads, which over time lead to fatigue and deterioration and cause serious long-term damage. As long as only the top layer of the road structure is affected, surface layer rehabilitation is an appropriate maintenance measure.

Paving thin layers hot

A streamlined solution: Paving thin layers hot is the perfect solution for roads in need of rehabilitation that only exhibit surface damage. A particularly cost-effective alternative to complete rehabilitation is the “paving thin layers hot” process using a paver with spray assembly for bitumen emulsion from VÖGELE.

Cold in-situ recycling

Green road rehabilitation: Once the bearing capacity of the asphalt surface layer has been compromised, the road structure must be completely rehabilitated . The trend is currently moving towards environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions that involve recycling the damaged road surface: cold in-place recycling (or in-situ).

Asphalt recycling

The asphalt cycle: In industrially developed countries, significantly more road rehabilitation or extended than completely new roads are built. But what happens to the old road surface? Asphalt recycling is an economic imperative in order to conserve natural resources.

Wirtgen drives innovation in the industry

We don’t just build machines, we share our customers’ passion for their business and are also a reliable partner in the field. The Wirtgen Group has itself developed and significantly shaped many applications and processes in road construction. To this day, we remain a driving force and trendsetter in the field of road construction and never stop making advancements to our technologies – for the success of our customers on job sites around the world.

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The power of innovation

Our goal is clearly defined, our standards extremely high: we want to move the world by continuing to develop leading technologies and providing unparalleled service in the future. This is how we are contributing to the ongoing improvement of the world’s infrastructure.

Wirtgen Group technologies

Our product brands’ specialisation in their respective technologies is what makes us successful: