New Classic Line pavers from VÖGELE

The road paver manufacurer is introducing two new machines with pave widths from 0.75 to 5 m: the compact SUPER 1300i tracked paver and the SUPER 1303i wheeled model. As representatives of the Classic Line, they deliver all the key paving functions, top quality and an attractive price/benefit ratio.

VÖGELE is now bringing to the Chinese market two new pavers for small to medium-sized projects on a tight schedule: the SUPER 1300i and SUPER 1303i Compact Class pavers replace the SUPER 1100-3 and the SUPER 1103-3 and are ideal both for rehabilitating a wide variety of traffic areas and for economically and efficiently completing projects in inner cities and on major roads to a high standard. Both pavers belong to VÖGELE’s Classic Line and are therefore aimed at customers who give a high priority to robust and reliable engineering, but whose construction projects do not require the full scope of functionality of the Premium Line. The new compact pavers provide all the basic paving functions and feature the clear, easy-to-learn ErgoBasic operating concept as well as the optional Niveltronic Basic System for Automated Grade and Slope Control. Their compact design, 75 kW diesel engine and laydown rates of up to 350 t/h make these pavers extremely powerful and versatile. Effective exhaust emissions after-treatment using a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) enables both machines to comply with exhaust emissions standard NR4. In combination with the AB 340 Extending Screed and the compacting systems comprising tamper (T), vibrators (V) or a combination (TV), these pavers facilitate pave widths from 1.8 to 3.4 m. Cut-off shoes furthermore allow a minimum pave width of 0.75 m, whilst additional bolt-on extensions enable a maximum pave width of up to 5 m to be achieved.

The new SUPER 1300i and SUPER 1303i Classic Line pavers feature the ErgoBasic operating concept and deliver top quality as well as an attractive price/benefit ratio.

Simple operation with ErgoBasic

The ErgoBasic operating concept was developed on the basis of the proven ErgoPlus 3 operating system and tailored specifically to meet the needs and requirements of Classic Line users. Equipped with ErgoBasic, the SUPER 1300i and SUPER 1303i are just as fast, precise and intuitive to operate as the Premium Line machines, though ErgoBasic is limited to the basic functions required. These include clear function and status displays, control of various modes, glare-free backlighting for working at night and simple steering involving either a rotary controller or, in the case of the wheeled model, a steering wheel. Both the ErgoBasic and the ErgoPlus 3 operating systems are based on the same concept and the same system of symbols, making it perfectly straightforward for users to switch between Classic Line and Premium Line pavers.

Intuitive Niveltronic Basic System for Automated Grade and Slope Control

To go with the ErgoBasic operating concept, VÖGELE is also supplying the Niveltronic Basic System for Automated Grade and Slope Control on its Classic Line pavers. It is completely integrated in the machine control system and so precisely tailored to the paver model concerned. The System for Automated Grade and Slope Control can be controlled separately for each side of the screed using a compact, sturdy remote control unit. It is particularly straightforward and intuitive to operate, guaranteeing paving true to line and level on any terrain. Niveltronic Basic can furthermore be combined with a wide variety of VÖGELE sensors ranging from a variable mechanical grade sensor to non-contacting sonic sensors or a laser receiver.

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