Wirtgen – powered by John Deere

The W 220 XFi in action on the K 20 near Troisdorf, Germany

The new W 220 XFi:
new engine, new features

The Wirtgen cold milling machine with an efficient John Deere engine impresses with outstanding performance and low emission values.

German premiere of the new Xtended F Series large milling machine: The W 220 XFi deployed for the rehabilitation of the K 20 county road between Troisdorf and Lohmar confirmed the outstanding compatibility of high productivity and sustainability. Innovative features such as the 18-litre John Deere JD18L engine with a 2-speed powershift transmission and digital assistance systems like Mill Assist and WPT Milling made it possible to complete the project efficiently within a very short time. The new display of CO₂ emissions per cubic metre of milled material also proved to be a valuable asset, not only providing meaningful information about the ecological footprint of the current project site, but also allowing conclusions to be drawn and translated into courses of action for future construction projects.

Reliance on high performance

Surface cracking made the rehabilitation of the busy county road absolutely essential. The section between Troisdorf and Lohmar is a part of the Mauspfad, a mediaeval highway and trade route, which leads for the most part through a forested area. The lead contractor relied on high performance for the rapid completion of the construction project. The choice of the new W 220 XFi made it possible to complete the removal of the surface layer of the road section with a length of 2 km and a width of around 6.5 m within just 2 days.

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W 220 XFi: The usual high milling performance combined with low CO₂ emissions. On the K 20, the road surface was milled off to a width of 2.2 m.

Project details
Project location:
K20 county road
/ Troisdorf, Germany
Project brief:
Removal of
surface layer
Project duration:
2 days
Machine deployed:
W 220 XFi
John Deere engine:
rated power output 627 kW
Project parameters
Section length:
2,000 m
Road width:
6.5 m (3 m
per lane)
Milled surface area:
13,000 m²
Milling depth:
10 cm
Advance rate:
15 m/min
Milled material volume
1,300 m³

The W 220 XFi: compact dimensions

Compact dimensions ensure unproblematic transportation.

The W 220 XFi: Quick changing of the milling drum and milling drum assembly

The Multiple Cutting System for milling widths from 2.20 m to 3.80 m enables quick and easy changing of milling drums and milling drum assemblies.

W 220 XFi: single-layer removal

Removal of the surface layer to a depth of 10 cm. Mill Assist identified single-layer removal as the most cost-efficient method for this particular project.

Ecologically and economically state-of-the-art

The new W 220 XFi is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from surface layer rehabilitation and complete pavement removal to fine milling tasks. The machine is not only rugged and reliable, but now even more powerful and versatile. In Troisdorf, it was able to effectively demonstrate its potential

‘I’m pretty impressed with how quiet the machine has turned out to be.’

Kevin Dick, machine operator at lead contractor Dr. Fink-Stauf

The W 220 XFi in action on the K 20 near Troisdorf, Germany
Engine technology
Machine control
Control screen
WPT report
Changing milling drums
Range of applications

Consistently performance-optimized engine power

The 18-litre engine from John Deere is specially designed to meet the requirements of cold milling and features the currently most environmentally friendly engine technology on the market. Its Dual-Shift powershift transmission delivers high torque under all load conditions that can also be used to achieve high milling performance in the low engine speed range. This simultaneously reduces fuel consumption and ensures low CO₂ emissions.

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The W 220 XFi: Control screen for the digital assistance systems

Digital assistance systems increase sustainability

Already field-proven in other F-Series cold milling machines, the assistance systems Mill Assist and Wirtgen Group Performance Tracker Milling (WPT Milling) have now been expanded to include a display of the machine’s CO₂ emissions. The machine operator is informed by Mill Assist about the current emissions during milling operations and can also display the total CO₂ emissions of the project in the automatically generated WPT report along with all other site-relevant data. This makes it possible to compare the CO₂ emissions of individual construction projects and use this information to optimise future projects.

Press/media kit

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