Paving asphalt in Bad Wünnenberg with WITOS Paving Docu

Digital solution assures high quality at a height of 70 metres on the Aftetal Bridge near Bad Wünnenberg

The Jobsite Temp app is part of the WITOS Paving Docu digital documentation tool. In conjunction with the RoadScan non-contacting temperature measurement system, it enables paving crews to monitor asphalt temperatures in real time perfectly easily. The benefits are demonstrated by a bridge project near Bad Wünnenberg in Germany.

Bad Wünnenberg | Germany

Paving asphalt on bridges or in open terrain is a task for which smooth processes are crucial. This is because the wind blows more strongly at greater altitudes to cool down the mix more quickly, making the window for paving and compaction correspondingly small. This proved to be the case during construction of a new section of national route B 480 across the Aftetal valley in the Sauerland region of Germany. The WITOS Paving Docu digital documentation tool, including the RoadScan non-contacting temperature measurement system and the Jobsite Temp app, supported the site team in processing the mix at the correct temperature for paving.

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WITOS Paving Docu facilitates superior paving on a bridge 70 m high

Watch the video to see how Vögele machine technology interacts with digital solutions.

New Aftetal Bridge relieves traffic in Bad Wünnenberg

It’s more than just a bypass for Westphalia’s Bad Wünnenberg: in order to relieve the village of through traffic, the B 480 national route will no longer pass along the Aftetal valley, but cross it. The heart of this construction project in the Sauerland region is consequently the Aftetal Bridge, some 70 m tall and 785 m long.

The asphalt paving involved a number of challenges.

Its height and exposed position in the terrain means that even in good weather, the wind was always blowing and rapidly cooling down the paving mix. At the same time, it was critical to process the asphalt in line with premium quality standards. To achieve this, the team from contractor Franz Trippe GmbH had to pave the mix at the required temperature and record it for the client.

Digital technologies from Vögele make quality measurable

In order to satisfy the requirements, the paving team around managing director Stefan Trippe relied on digital solutions from Vögele:

WITOS Paving Docu, including the RoadScan non-contacting temperature measurement system and the Jobsite Temp app. WITOS Paving Docu allows paving and machine data to be recorded via smartphone and analysed at the end of the day. In combination with RoadScan, the non-contacting temperature measurement system, contractors can also record and analyse paving temperatures. During paving, current temperature data can be viewed on the display of the paver operator’s console.

The Jobsite Temp app furthermore enables the foreman and other users to access temperature data and supplementary data via smartphone in real time: among other things, it shows current pave speeds, screed width, the positioning of the paver and the position of the mix transfer point, including delivery note information.

“With WITOS Paving Docu and Jobsite Temp, we were able to keep an eye on temperature on a smartphone at all times, determine the ideal compaction window, take counter-measures if necessary and record all the processes associated with paving accurately, quickly and paper-free,” said managing director Stefan Trippe.

“Using WITOS Paving Docu in combination with RoadScan, we create the conditions for keeping an eye on paving temperature under these difficult weather conditions.”

Stefan Trippe, managing director of Franz Trippe GmbH

WITOS Paving Docu helps pave asphalt at a height of 70 metres on the Aftetal Bridge in Bad Wünnenberg in the Sauerland region of Germany.

Document asphalt job sites digitally: WITOS Paving Docu

WITOS Paving Docu is a reliable and straightforward solution for the digital documentation and analysis of job sites. WITOS Paving Docu is the ideal tool in cases where precise data recording is required, but where there is no need for active process optimization.

WITOS Paving Docu is part of WITOS Paving, Vögele’s digital product family. In addition to WITOS Paving Docu with the two JobSite and Analysis modules, there is also WITOS Paving Plus, a complete version of the software-based process management solution.

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The machines also make an essential contribution

The paving team additionally receives technical support from premium Vögele machines: the SUPER 1800-3i paver was equipped with an AB 500 TP1 Extending Screed, where “TP1” stands for tamper and pressure bar. In this high-compaction version, the screed delivers a high degree of pre-compaction, reducing the number of roller passes required on the bridge.

Use of a Vögele high-performance MT 3000-3i Offset material feeder decoupled transfer of material from the truck to the paver, speeding up job site logistics.

“The machines enabled us to facilitate smooth processes, stop the mix cooling down and create conditions for great paving quality,” says Stefan Trippe.

Vögele’s RoadScan non-contacting temperature measurement system is an innovative and economical solution for the road construction industry.

Vögele RoadScan: an eye on quality

Making quality measurable is what Vögele RoadScan is all about. The non-contacting temperature measurement system checks asphalt temperature immediately after paving and thus contributes to the quality and durability of roads.

Find out more about RoadScan

Find out more about RoadScan