Meet the young master modeller with a passion for detail

The 9-year old fan of cold milling machines has built an MOC model of a W 200 Fi from Lego and Lego Technic parts.

Anyone can buy a finely detailed, 1:50 scale replica of our cold milling machines in the Wirtgen Shop. But how about building one from scratch – with Lego? This demands a burning passion, a grasp of the technical details, intuition and, above all, patience. This certainly applies to Peter Hoppe and his father, Matthias. Their model of a W 200 Fi has already created a furore in the Lego modelling community.

Colditz/near Leipzig

Peter Hoppe – Pepe to his family and friends – is a big fan of everything that goes on on construction sites. The 9-year old knows all about what goes on there and the roles the mighty high-tech machines play in on-site processes. His absolute favourites are the large cold milling machines from Wirtgen and their impressive technology. His father, Matthias, who runs his own company in the forestry segment, is familiar with heavy equipment, shares his son’s fascination with mighty machines and takes advantage of every opportunity to watch milling machines in action with his son. That’s where they got the idea of replicating a Wirtgen W 200 Fi as an MOC model made from Lego and Lego Technic parts – incidentally, a passion shared by father and son.

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A highly-experienced team in the Lego MOC community

Pepe and Matthias are the MP Brick Team. As a team, the two of them have realised numerous challenging projects based on Lego and present their unique MOCs on YouTube. MOC is the acronym for ‘My Own Creation’. In other words, self-designed models that, although made from Lego parts, cannot be assembled with the aid of official Lego building instructions.

In the case of their milling machine model, Pepe and Matthias assembled around 7,000 parts, and it took six hours until the final details were finished. Congratulations – the work of a couple of real artists.

Video (in German): Lego Technik Moc Wirtgen Kaltfräse - YouTube

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‘My son is a big fan of Wirtgen. That’s why we decided to build a replica of one of their cold milling machines from Lego Technic parts and conventional Lego bricks. I think what we made looks pretty good’

Matthias Hoppe

The details make the difference.

In the case of the Wirtgen W 200 Fi, the two model makers paid particular attention to the details. The scale model of the machine has four workable crawler units, the pneumatically controlled discharge conveyor can be slewed, raised and lowered and the cowling can be removed to reveal the engine. The operator’s cabin is just like the real thing – looking inside, the two seats are there, and even a complete control panel with a display screen and all the dials, buttons, levers and switches – it’s simply amazing.

A model like this deserves our appreciation. As a small expression of this, we presented Pepe with an original scale model of a W 210 Fi and Rhino, our company mascot.

Our thanks to the MP Brick Team – we are already looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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