Hydraulic tamper stroke adjustment

Hydraulic tamper stroke adjustment at the push of a button

A correctly set tamper stroke is a key factor in both compaction result and the floating behaviour of screeds.

As it is a time-consuming process to adjust the tamper stroke mechanically, it is often not adjusted at all, with the result that different layer thicknesses are frequently paved at the same setting. VÖGELE developed the hydraulic tamper stroke adjustment system to get round this problem. This system enables paver operators to set the ideal tamper stroke for the paving task in question quite simply at the touch of a button. A stroke of 4 or 8 mm can be selected.

Simple and time-saving

It is a very time-consuming process to adjust the tamper stroke mechanically because the eccentric bolts on every bearing have to be adjusted manually. As an example: for a pave width of 12 m, 16 eccentric bolts need to be adjusted. Assuming 8 to 10 minutes per bearing, this means the whole process takes over 2 hours. The consequence is that the tamper stroke is often not adjusted at all if mechanical adjustment is required.

The technique of hydraulic tamper stroke adjustment is perfectly straightforward: altering the direction of rotation of the eccentric tamper shaft adjusts tamper stroke. Depending on direction, this is either 4 or 8 mm. This option allows high-quality paving results to be achieved much more conveniently, and saves an enormous amount of time compared to mechanical adjustment.

Hydraulic tamper stroke adjustment is available for the following fixed-width screedsSB 300andSB 350.

Simple adjustment

The tamper stroke is adjusted at the touch of a button from either the paver operator’s or the screed operator's console. Select between strokes of 4 and 8 mm to suit the paving task in question.

Video: Hydraulic tamper stroke adjustment