Wirtgen DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor – A rotor for every requirement

Demanding and varying field conditions constantly bring new challenges for cutting tools used in cold recycling and soil stabilization. For its WR series, Wirtgen has developed a solution that is more than a match for even the most extreme requirements in both applications: the new DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor. This development marks the end of unprofitable tool changing times, maximizing lucrative operating times instead.

Milling and mixing rotor components form one unit

The optimal interplay of rotor, holder base, quick-change toolholder system and point-attack tools is essential if the milling and mixing capacity is to remain high in the long term. The use of high-grade materials and the intelligent geometry of the components ensure that the milling and mixing rotor has a long service life even in tough applications – such as stabilizing soil containing larger stones, stabilizing very abrasive material or granulating.

Wirtgen DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor: Cold recycling and soil stabilization made easy.

Optimum mixing results

The tool spacing and arrangement of the cutting tools on the milling and mixing rotor are tailored to the individual machine capacity, so that a high-quality mix is produced in a smooth, quiet milling and mixing process. The ingenious geometry of the holder base and the large diameter of the DURAFORCE rotor combine to produce a mixing chamber whose size varies according to the milling depth, ensuring that materials are mixed homogeneously.

Long service life and maintenance intervals

All components of the cutting system are configured for a long life and low maintenance requirements. The point-attack tools of generation Z have a high wear and impact resistance. The extremely long-lasting HT22 quick-change toolholder system minimizes interruptions to operation, while high-grade tool alloys give maximum strength to the holder base.

The particularly hard-wearing quick-change toolholder systems on the corner ring segments of the DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor are also easy to access, supporting rapid changes of the segments, should the need arise.

The Wirtgen DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor supports a long service life in cold recycling and in soil stabilization, even under the most extreme field conditions.

Ideal material flow

The high resistance to wear and durability of the holder base, combined with the streamlined geometry, ensures minimum resistance in the milling and mixing process. The optimal material flow ensures that the engine output is utilized highly efficiently while keeping wear to a minimum.

Wirtgen cold recyclers and soil stabilizers in universal use

Wirtgen's WR series offers the right solution for every task. With their key component, the DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor, the wheeled models are a guarantee of success when it comes to a continuously strong and economical performance in cold recycling and soil stabilization.

The DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor is hallmarked by a high wear, impact and fracture resistance. The unique geometry of the holder bases combined with the intelligent distribution of material allows the forces that are generated to be distributed optimally – particularly peak loads due to transverse forces.


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