Sustainability to order

Green technology from a green factory:

BENNINGHOVEN’s main factory and its contribution to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly production.

BENNINGHOVEN’s ultra-modern facility in Wittlich produces long-lived asphalt mixing plant and technologies for maximising the volume of asphalt fed back into recycling processes. Even the production of these plant components is designed to be as sustainable as possible. BENNINGHOVEN is also state-of-the-art in all of the areas where ‘being green’ matters – from the economical use of resources to organising production that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Sustainability is a core value for BENNINGHOVEN and follows the basic principles defined by WIRTEN GROUP. So which specific activities and actions are pursued in order to achieve these goals?

Sustainability principles from WIRTGEN GROUP:

Cutting CO₂ emissions

Lowering fuel consumption

Using less energy

Using less water

Expanding recycling

Restricting noise

Avoiding waste

Reducing vibration emissions

Improving energy efficiency …

Located between the Mosel and Eifel in western Germany, BENNINGHOVEN’s factory in Wittlich is one of the most modern factories within the WIRTGEN GROUP and the world’s most advanced production facility for asphalt mixing plant. This location is characterised not only by its modern and advanced production methods but also by the efficient handling of the renewable energy deployed by the site. Every effort is made to protect the soil, water and air from contamination.

… while also reducing the CO₂ footprint

Designed according to the German Energy-Saving Ordinance (EnEV), a whole series of sustainable technologies are deployed to ensure that these strict regulations are fulfilled or even exceeded. This starts with insulating the building to the very latest technical standards. Ventilation systems for cooling and heating with integrated heat recovery guarantee high indoor air quality, and deactivate automatically as soon as windows are opened. Some of the electricity required by the facility is sourced from renewable wind power. The interior lighting is also designed as a smart system: Motion detectors are used to ensure that artificial light is actually required. If someone enters a room, energy-saving LED systems regulate the level of illumination depending on available daylight, while automated blinds activate in response to strong sunlight to avoid wasting energy on cooling down the building again.

At BENNINGHOVEN, advanced systems and sustainable design combine to ensure that stringent legal requirements are fulfilled or even exceeded.

‘Zero-litres’ production saves water

Drinking water is a precious resource and its responsible handling will continue to grow in importance. BENNINGHOVEN’s production processes need no process water and therefore produce no industrial effluent. But we do still make use of water at BENNINGHOVEN – for our employees. Hot water is heated locally to ensure energy efficiency.

Going for green with sustainable workspaces

Keeping production as green as possible is also always good for the health of our employees. And that’s not all that BENNINGHOVEN is doing to keep its employees healthy.

Combatting Covid with high tech
  • Employees are also well-protected during the Covid-19 pandemic at BENNINGHOVEN by a direct extraction ventilation system.
  • Unlike a recirculating system, this unit exchanges waste air for fresh air.
  • This proactive occupational safety measure is a further example of how BENNINGHOVEN takes responsibility for the health of its entire workforce.
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