Quick-change toolholder system HT15 for Surface Miners

Highly robust toolholders

Quick-change toolholder system for rapid, easy exchange of upper toolholder parts. Created for high stress loads and wear exposure in surface mining.

The advantages of HT15 quick-change toolholder system
  • Large opening in upper part to ensure optimum access during tool replacement
  • Heavy-duty shank mounting for the use of WIRTGEN point-attack cutting tools
  • Material guides to protect the bottom part from abrasive wear
  • Precise contact surfaces between upper part and bottom part for transfer of the cutting forces
  • Specially heat-treated holder shank for increased strength
  • Double prism for optimal seating and supporting action of upper part in bottom part
  • Pronounced recesses in bottom part to protect internal threads and bolts from damage
  • Solid mounting bolts and flexible silicone plugs to protect the fine thread from moisture and dirt

HT15 reduces the time required to replace a single toolholder from 90 minutes to only 15 minutes compared to conventional, welded toolholder systems.

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