WIRTGEN HT08 pick holder

WIRTGEN HT08 pick holder system for small milling

Reinforced toolholder system for lower operating costs

With HT08 toolholder systems, the toolholder is welded to the milling drum. They are preferred on milling drums with small cross-section diameters or various cutting wheels. The ideal shape and material distribution enable high component strength and a longer service life.

The advantages of the HT08 toolholder
  • Intelligent material distribution increases the expected life by up to 75%.
  • Reinforced positioning cylinders enable improved re-positioning ability.
  • The installation height of the toolholder enables the use of an automatic pick ejector at any state of wear, and this reduces the time needed to change out the round shaft pick.
  • The holder geometry enables a low-wear embedding of the weld in the edge area of the milling drum that lasts its entire life.
  • The modified holder geometry and milling pocket on the milling drum tube permit an ideal weld.
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HT08 reinforced toolholder system

The ideal shape and material distribution enable high component strength and a 75% longer service life..

  • Wear path (see dimension x):
    • HT01 = 0.4 in (10 mm)
    • HT08 = 0.7 in (17,5 mm)

More precise re-positioning ability

The revised interface geometry between the toolholder and the milling drum assures proper re-positioning when the toolholder needs to be replaced.

  • Length of the positioning cylinder (see dimension z):
    • HT01 = 0.4 in (10 mm)
    • HT08 = 0.7 in (17,5 mm)
  • Diameter of the positioning cylinder:
    • HT01 = 0.3 in (7.5 mm)
    • HT08 = 0.4 in (10 mm)

Thicker wall of milling drum tube

The improved geometry of the HT08 toolholder permits smaller milled recesses for the toolholder. Along with the low mechanical processing effort, this especially benefits the milling drum wall thickness in the area of the square-profile ring.

  • HT08 (left)
  • conventional, e. g., HT01 (right)

Easy replacement of round shaft pick

HT08 is designed for replacement of the round shaft pick using an automatic pick ejector. Under normal field conditions, this results in significantly reduced downtime.

Improved access to all toolholders on the milling drum, simplifies replacement of the round shaft pick.

  • HT08 (left)
  • conventional, e. g., HT01 (right)

Minimized wear of square-profile ring

Intelligent positioning of the toolholder in the area of the square-profile ring significantly reduces square-profile ring wear on the milling drum when milling tight radii.

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