Mobile technology

For greatest possible economy

Loading and handling costs can be reduced considerably with the mechanical processing at the extraction site.

The mobile processing technology has advantages in many respects compared to the stationary technology. It is ideal where fast and simple moving of the plant is necessary depending on the demolition progress.

In large quarries, decentralised mobile processing plants can complement the centralised stationary solutions (e.g. as primary crushers) or often even replace them. Mobile plants are also able to reliably process the material into the desired final grain sizes with corresponding high product quality, even in difficult material conditions - and can do this at feed capacities of up to 1200 t/h.

In companies with stationary technology, additional production capacities can also be made available at very short notice with the help of mobile plants. The machines can be just as quickly dismantled again and transported to the next site.

This characterises the mobile crushing and screening plant
High availability guarantees versatile applications
  • Flexible and rapid deployment (no long project periods)
  • Simple manoeuvrability within the quarry
  • Fast adaptation to changing conditions
  • Short set-up times
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Efficiency in the entire treatment process
  • Diesel-electric drive concept (fuel saving + external power supply)
  • High plant performance thanks to optimised technical process design, e.g. prescreening
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Easy to maintain
  • Excellent accessibility for maintenance work
  • Large platforms allow access to key components
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Advantages compared to stationary plants

In contrast to stationary plants, mobile plants permit access to all mining areas

As stationary plants are positioned permanently on the deposits, access to large mining areas is often only possible at a high cost and time expenditure. In contrast, mobile plants can be moved directly to the quarry face or the desired mining area, thus allowing the mining of rock at every point in the quarry.