HCQ (HAMM Compaction Quality) – guaranteed, documented quality

The more even and high-quality compaction is for earthworks and asphalt work, the more durable and long-lasting the streets and buildings constructed upon it will be. More and more frequently, invitations to tender and public projects therefore include demands for a detailed, comprehensive compaction measurement. To meet these specific requirements, HAMM offers a reliable solution in the form of the modular HCQ (HAMM Compaction Quality) system.

HCQ at a glance:

HCQ comprises a number of HAMM products designed to measure, monitor, document and control compaction and compaction processes. These include the HAMM Compaction Meter (available for earthworks and asphalt) for determining stiffness values, as well as the HAMM Temperature Meter (available for asphalt) for measuring the asphalt temperature. These two data points are shown for the driver on the display in the driver's platform. HAMM also offers the HCQ Navigator. This uses a GNSS receiver to continuously determine the position of the rollers and combines this data with the measured values that have been collected. A panel PC with a touchscreen in the driver's platform then displays all the data in a single package in the form of a real-time "compaction map" – this includes additional parameters such as current speed, amplitude and frequency. Since the rollers are also able to communicate with each other via a WLAN connection, the display shows the separate passes and the overall compaction progress of the machine as a whole. This means that the roller driver can always see which areas have been sufficiently compacted and which areas require a further pass. Using the HCQ Navigator software, the collected data can then also be displayed on graphs, analysed or exported in a format corresponding to the VETA standard. The data is transferred from the panel PC using a USB stick. The HCQ Navigator is available in the following versions: HCQ Navigator Asphalt, HCQ Navigator Earthworks and HCQ Navigator Premium (asphalt and earthworks).

The advantages of HCQ for the roller driver:

  • Easy operation
  • Fast installation
  • Identical components for compactors, tandem rollers and pneumatic tyre rollers
  • Improved transparency during the compaction process via data exchange between multiple rollers via WLAN
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The advantages of HCQ for construction companies:

  • Machine-independent, globally usable components
  • Simple, secure data archiving
  • Analysis and documentation across the entire construction site
  • Reduces costs thanks to prevention of additional claims and complaints
  • Proof of comprehensive compaction inspection
  • Higher quality
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The advantages of HCQ for clients:

  • Potential to analyse data at a later time
  • Clear, comprehensive compaction documentation
  • Comprehensive, homogeneous, high-quality compaction
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WITOS HCQ at a glance:

With WITOS HCQ, HAMM has taken another leap forwards, towards the digital construction site. Here, all process data that has been collected is transferred to the WITOS portal via the mobile network. For this purpose, a SIM card is provided for each roller. Individual people who have been granted corresponding access rights, such as construction site managers, supervisory authorities or consultants, can then monitor the construction site in real time from any location using the WITOS portal, provided by the Wirtgen Group. As well as geographical positions, which are displayed in a range of map views, it also allows users to view process data such as the number of passes, asphalt temperature and stiffness value – for every individual point and for every individual machine. Data from individual drums can also be selected and displayed.

The functions of WITOS HCQ:

  • Live function with a range of map views including zoom function
  • Project list for managing data, featuring a number of search and management functions
  • Individual section views
  • Quick access to individual sections in the map view
  • Filter options for visualising specific aspects, such as stiffness value areas, temperature windows, compaction modes (static, vibration, oscillation, pneumatic tyres)
  • VETA export for comprehensive compaction inspection (when creating the report using the HCQ software)
  • Time lapse playback of the compaction process
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The advantages of WITOS HCQ:

  • Get information about the construction progress in real time without needing to be on-site
  • Easy to view and backup data using the WITOS portal
  • Simplified project management
  • Saves time and money
  • Improved transparency
  • Higher quality
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