Frost Protection Layer

Preventing Frost Damage

The frost protection layer keeps water from rising into the pavement, and as a result, prevents frost damage to the surface layer. For this purpose, rock is crushed and screened into graded aggregates, which are then laid and compacted. The graded, compacted aggregates ensure that the layer is sufficiently permeable to water and disrupts the soil’s capillarity.

"The mobile impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130 Z EV02 guarantees the optimum material preparation required before the frost protection layer compaction."


When it comes to compaction, surface performance, precise steering, and compaction force are critical to quality and cost-effectiveness – all properties of Hamm’s heavy compactors.

“Two HCQ modules are available to monitor the load bearing capacity during soil compaction: the HAMM Compaction Meter HCM and the HCQ Navigator.”



Optimal material preparation by crushers

Cost-effective laying with pavers

Optimized material consumption

Permeable to Water and with an Anti-capillary Effect

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