Past years FORUM editions

All issues of FORUM at a glance. A brief summary of contents will help you find interesting reports published in past issues.

FORUM 55 - JULY 2018

FORUM 55 will show you that sustainability is one of the WIRTGEN GROUP’s core principles.

  • Green Elements
    Environmentally friendly production at our main facilities.
  • Reliable Partnerships
    Supplier management evaluates quality.
  • Power Hybrid
    An environmentally friendly solution from Hamm.
  • Cold, Hot, Sustainable
    Optimized value stream at KLEEMANN
  • Commitment
    John Deere 2022 Sustainability Goals.
  • A Passion for Real Progress
    Interview with CEO Domenic G. Ruccolo
  • A Perfect Fit
    Part 2 of our Customer Support series introduces our spare parts service.
  • Big Data
    Wirtgen Group Telematics and On-Site Solutions.
  • Road Technology Days
    Around 4,000 visitors experience the latest technologies.


FORUM 54 – This edition takes you on a tour of the WIRTGEN GROUP plants - where quality originates.

  • Perfection down to the last detail
    Maximum vertical integration at brand headquarters in Windhagen
  • All the right moves
    Optimized processes in road paver production
  • Project 12,000
    HAMM expands production capacity
  • More space for quality
    Optimized value stream at KLEEMANN
  • Training for the new factory
    BENNINGHOVEN introduces lean management.
  • Laying the perfect foundation
    BENNINGHOVEN‘s new brand headquarters is being erected on a 310,000-m² site
  • Staying power
    CIBER‘s innovative technologies for Latin America
  • Precision planning
    Series production of new models in China
  • “Made in Pune“ quality seal
    Top WIRTGEN GROUP standards in India

FORUM 53 - JUNE 2017

FORUM 53 – This special edition is dedicated entirely to the integration of the WIRTGEN GROUP into John Deere.

  • Insight
    Interview with Jürgen and Stefan Wirtgen
  • Successful business performance
    The WIRTGEN GROUP in figures
  • The WIRTGEN GROUP worldwide
    Investments in the brand headquarters, local production sites and the sales and service network
  • Advancing into the future with continuity
    The proven management team of the WIRTGEN GROUP
  • In conversation with John Deere
    Interview with Max A. Guinn and Domenic G. Ruccolo
  • Our roots run deep
    Introducing John Deere
  • Concentrated expertise
    Three of John Deere’s top managers, who are involved in the integration of the WIRTGEN GROUP, introduce themselves
  • Building the future together
    The interplay of the complementary product portfolio


FORUM 52 – This issue focuses on true closeness to our customers. Working together with its customers, the WIRTGEN GROUP develops solutions that make all the difference in practice.

  • Competence in concrete
    WIRTGEN slipform pavers are anything but off-the-rail products.
  • Team. Works!
    VÖGELE fulfils the wish of its customer, Rask Brandenburg GmbH, for maximum flexibility.
  • Flying high
    For the Eindhoven airport project, BAM Infra is placing its confidence exclusively in technology from HAMM.
  • Partners on equal footing
    KLEEMANN has maintained an intensive exchange with Stingel Baustoffrecycling that paves the way to success.
  • Sharing success
    BENNINGHOVEN: Hitthaller+Trixl invest in a cutting-edge asphalt mixing plant for infrastructure projects.


FORUM 51 - JUNE 2016

FORUM 51 – this special issue focuses on the world‘s biggest trade fair. All the products and services pre-sented by the WIRTGEN GROUP at bauma 2016 are presented on this edition.

  • Complete
    WIRTGEN: The largest and most innovative portfolio in the industry includes the right cold milling machine for every job.
  • For more quality in road construction
    VÖGELE sets standards in asphalt paving.
  • Easy Drive
    HAMM once again stood out as a trendsetter in compactor technology at bauma.
  • Solutions made to measure
    KLEEMANN arrived in Munich with a whole series of innovations in processing technology.
  • Recycling to the max
    BENNINGHOVEN: The largest exhibit presented in the WIRTGEN GROUP‘s exhibition area hit the mark with innovative technology that protects the environment



  • Shaping the future – Interview with Stefan Wirtgen and Jürgen Wirtgen.
  • Down to the last detail – New replaces old: component branding.
  • All original – New spare and wear parts in original quality.
  • A good fit – A new look for our tried and true customer support.


FORUM 49 - JUNE 2015

  • Investment in the Chinese growth market
  • Wirtgen India opens a new plant
  • Know-how secures market leadership in North America
  • Wirtgen Australia expands its sales and service network



  • New Mix: Introducing the new member of the Wirtgen Group team.
  • Celebrating success together: Interview with Stefan Wirtgen, Jürgen Wirtgen and Bernd Benninghoven.
  • When the industry comes to visit: Wirtgen Road Technology Days offer a chance to experience innovations close up.
  • The people behind the scenes: The highly committed teams who devote their experience and passion to their projects stand out through innovative ideas and exciting products.


FORUM 47 - JULY 2014

  • Wirtgen Group machines for special jobs
  • The CTT in Göppingen: Fit for the job
  • Varmt välkommen! New subsidiary in Sweden
  • Children in Need Charity: Life after the storm



  • Road und Mineral Technologies: Under construction
  • Works expansion in Tirschenreuth: Fit for the future
  • Investments worldwide: Well connected
  • Children in Need Charity: Living with the dead


FORUM 45 - JUNE 2013

  • Highlights from 30 years: The history of the Wirtgen Group at bauma
  • Strong in Munich: The Wirtgen Group at bauma 2013
  • Feel the fair: Impressions from the Munich trade fair
  • Children in Need Charity: Breaking the vicious circle



  • Mineral Technologies: Projects around the world
  • Mineral Technology Days: The mining world visits Windhagen
  • Behind the scenes: Continuous improvement processes
  • Children in Need Charity: A new start for philippine young women


FORUM Special Edition bauma 2013


  • Wirtgen: Six new products from Wirtgen set new standards
  • Vögele: Eleven powerful world premieres for road construction
  • Hamm: Nine efficient compactors in the H, HD and HD+ series
  • Kleemann: Three new jaw and cone crushers from Kleemann


  • Wirtgen: Comprehensive range of cold milling machines from the world market leader
  • Vögele: The new SUPER series – Perfect product range for all paving jobs
  • Hamm: Genuine all-rounders – the new compactors with crusher drum
  • Wirtgen: Surface miners – Special-purpose machines for mining in three performance classes
  • Kleemann: The mobile crushing plants MC 125 Z and MR 130 Z EVO


  • The all-embracing range of services offered by the Wirtgen Group


FORUM 43 - JUNE 2012

  • The Wirtgen Group in Latinamerica: Streets of the future
  • Motorways in the Dominican Republik
  • Environmental protection in Sao Paulo
  • Ciber: Wirtgen Group partner in Latinamerica
  • Intermat 2012 in Paris: Review
  • Making of: Wirtgen WR 240i, Vögele "Dash 3", Hamm H 20i and Kleemann Mobirex EVO plants
  • A view into the headquarters

FORUM Special Edition Intermat 2012

  • Highlight Wirtgen: The new WR 240i
  • Highlight Vögele: Super 2100-3i
  • Highlight Hamm: H 20i
  • Highlight Kleemann: MR 130 ZS EVO
  • Showroom Wirtgen: Operator Comfort System, Cutting Technology, Autopilot
  • Showroom Vögele: Super 700, Tracked Super 1300-2, Super 1800-2, MT 3000-2i Offset
  • Showroom Hamm: GRW 280, The CompactLine, HD+ tandem rollers
  • Showroom Kleemann: MOBICAT MC 100 R
  • Close to our customers: Wirtgen Group Customer Service



  • Vögele at the building of the first Formula 1 racetrack in India
  • Infrastructure projects in India
  • Indian-German Co-Production: Hamm 311 Single-Drum Compactor
  • Grand opening of the local production facility in Pune in India
  • Review: Wirtgen Group Technology Days 2011
  • Wirtgen: The new generation of large miling machines


FORUM 41 - JUNE 2011

  • 50 years of Wirtgen: Open day
  • Vögele PowerFeeder MT 3000-2 und MT 3000-2 Offset
  • H 20i: The world’s first compactor with Tier 4i technology
  • The global success story of the new Kleemann Mobirex EVO plants
  • The system partners Betek, Streumaster and Deutsche Leasing
  • The Wirtgen Group at the Conexpo 2011 in Las Vegas



  • Review of the Wirtgen Group Technology Days 2010
  • The new Vögele headquarters: A future-oriented manufacturing facility
  • Start of the series production of Hamm compactors commences
  • The new drive technology: „intelligent emission control“
  • Gurtner Baumaschinen AG in Switzerland
  • Hamm and Kleemann in use at the Ötztal Alps
  • The use of Wirtgen slipform pavers at the BBI


FORUM 39 - JUNE 2010

  • Review of bauma 2010
  • Innovations Wirtgen GmbH: W 200, W 210, 4200 SM,
  • Innovations Vögele: Super 3000 – 2, MT 3000-2, MT 3000-2 Offset,
  • Innovations Hamm AG: Tandemwalzen HD+, GRW 280,
  • Innovations Kleemann: MR 110 Z EVO, MR 130 Z EVO
  • Customer Feedback
  • The team of the Wirtgen Group at the bauma 2010



  • The successful Hamm spare parts centre
  • The new Kleemann facility for Mobile crushers and screens
  • The Reinhard Wirtgen Learning Center of Wirtgen America
  • Hamm: The new headquarter in Pune, Indien
  • The new cross-brand service diagnostics system WIDIAG
  • Building of the ‘’Yas Marina Circuit’’ in Abu Dhabi
  • Use of the new 4200 SM in the australian Cloudbreak


FORUM 37 - JUNE 2009

  • The 4200 SM Surface Miner
  • Innovative ‘’PEP’’ in product development
  • Mobile processing at the Dunduff Quarry in Scotland
  • New subsidiaries in Ankara and Poznan
  • Rehabilitation of Brazil’s BR 101
  • Wirtgen GmbH awarded as one of the ‘’Best Companies to work for’’



  • Drum plant at the Hamm AG
  • Hamm: HD+ tandem rollers
  • Rehabilitation of the city motorway for the 2008 Olympic Games in Peking
  • Slipform paver project for Wirtgen in Azerbaijan
  • Rehabilitation of the airport runway in Iceland with Navitronic Plus®
  • Construction of the “Autoroute Transmaghrébine”
  • German President Köhler visits Wirtgen family business
  • Development of KMA 220 and WLB 10 S


FORUM 35 - JUNE 2008

  • Expansion of headquarters
  • Expansion of Ciber on the Latin American market and Wirtgen America
  • Intelligent WIDRIVE machine control system
  • Use of the Vögele Super 1803-2 at the ‘’Svalbard Seed Vault’’
  • The principle of ‘’OPA’’
  • Processing greywacke in County Tipperary, Irland
  • Building of the race track for the ‘’Race of Champions’’
  • Partnership between Wirtgen and Streumaster



  • The “Open House” at Wirtgen GmbH
  • The International Marketing Meeting
  • The new Vision pavers on the US-Market
  • Vögele: Honoring of the system partners with ‘’Best Partner Award’’
  • Hamm: Quality as the core element
  • Wirtgen introduces flow manufacturing
  • Review: ‘’Technologie Days for Trainees’’
  • Kleemann: Individual offerings for Recycling and processing of natural stones
  • WR 4200 in use on the expressway in Peking