Past years FORUM editions

All issues of FORUM at a glance. A brief summary of contents will help you find interesting reports published in past issues.


FORUM 56 reveals how the WIRTGEN GROUP’s product brands work together and the synergies that can be achieved.

  • Strengthening the Foundation
    Soil stabilization and compaction create the foundation for long-lasting roads and buildings.
  • Fast and Effective
    Surface layer restoration – a suitable maintenance measure.
  • A Streamlined Solution
    Paving thin layers hot is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.
  • Green Road Rehabilitation
    Recycling is becoming increasingly popular in road rehabilitation.
  • The Asphalt Cycle
    Processing recycled asphalt conserves resources.
  • Getting Closer to Customers
    WIRTGEN continues to expand its service infrastructure

FORUM 55 - JULY 2018

FORUM 55 will show you that sustainability is one of the WIRTGEN GROUP’s core principles.

  • Green Elements
    Environmentally friendly production at our main facilities.
  • Reliable Partnerships
    Supplier management evaluates quality.
  • Power Hybrid
    An environmentally friendly solution from Hamm.
  • Cold, Hot, Sustainable
    Optimized value stream at KLEEMANN
  • Commitment
    John Deere 2022 Sustainability Goals.
  • A Passion for Real Progress
    Interview with CEO Domenic G. Ruccolo
  • A Perfect Fit
    Part 2 of our Customer Support series introduces our spare parts service.
  • Big Data
    Wirtgen Group Telematics and On-Site Solutions.
  • Road Technology Days
    Around 4,000 visitors experience the latest technologies.


FORUM 54 – This edition takes you on a tour of the WIRTGEN GROUP plants - where quality originates.

  • Perfection down to the last detail
    Maximum vertical integration at brand headquarters in Windhagen
  • All the right moves
    Optimized processes in road paver production
  • Project 12,000
    HAMM expands production capacity
  • More space for quality
    Optimized value stream at KLEEMANN
  • Training for the new factory
    BENNINGHOVEN introduces lean management.
  • Laying the perfect foundation
    BENNINGHOVEN‘s new brand headquarters is being erected on a 310,000-m² site
  • Staying power
    CIBER‘s innovative technologies for Latin America
  • Precision planning
    Series production of new models in China
  • “Made in Pune“ quality seal
    Top WIRTGEN GROUP standards in India

FORUM 53 - JUNE 2017

FORUM 53 – This special edition is dedicated entirely to the integration of the WIRTGEN GROUP into John Deere.

  • Insight
    Interview with Jürgen and Stefan Wirtgen
  • Successful business performance
    The WIRTGEN GROUP in figures
  • The WIRTGEN GROUP worldwide
    Investments in the brand headquarters, local production sites and the sales and service network
  • Advancing into the future with continuity
    The proven management team of the WIRTGEN GROUP
  • In conversation with John Deere
    Interview with Max A. Guinn and Domenic G. Ruccolo
  • Our roots run deep
    Introducing John Deere
  • Concentrated expertise
    Three of John Deere’s top managers, who are involved in the integration of the WIRTGEN GROUP, introduce themselves
  • Building the future together
    The interplay of the complementary product portfolio


FORUM 52 – This issue focuses on true closeness to our customers. Working together with its customers, the WIRTGEN GROUP develops solutions that make all the difference in practice.

  • Competence in concrete
    WIRTGEN slipform pavers are anything but off-the-rail products.
  • Team. Works!
    VÖGELE fulfils the wish of its customer, Rask Brandenburg GmbH, for maximum flexibility.
  • Flying high
    For the Eindhoven airport project, BAM Infra is placing its confidence exclusively in technology from HAMM.
  • Partners on equal footing
    KLEEMANN has maintained an intensive exchange with Stingel Baustoffrecycling that paves the way to success.
  • Sharing success
    BENNINGHOVEN: Hitthaller+Trixl invest in a cutting-edge asphalt mixing plant for infrastructure projects.


FORUM 51 - JUNE 2016

FORUM 51 – this special issue focuses on the world‘s biggest trade fair. All the products and services pre-sented by the WIRTGEN GROUP at bauma 2016 are presented on this edition.

  • Complete
    WIRTGEN: The largest and most innovative portfolio in the industry includes the right cold milling machine for every job.
  • For more quality in road construction
    VÖGELE sets standards in asphalt paving.
  • Easy Drive
    HAMM once again stood out as a trendsetter in compactor technology at bauma.
  • Solutions made to measure
    KLEEMANN arrived in Munich with a whole series of innovations in processing technology.
  • Recycling to the max
    BENNINGHOVEN: The largest exhibit presented in the WIRTGEN GROUP‘s exhibition area hit the mark with innovative technology that protects the environment



  • Shaping the future – Interview with Stefan Wirtgen and Jürgen Wirtgen.
  • Down to the last detail – New replaces old: component branding.
  • All original – New spare and wear parts in original quality.
  • A good fit – A new look for our tried and true customer support.


FORUM 49 - JUNE 2015

  • Investment in the Chinese growth market
  • Wirtgen India opens a new plant
  • Know-how secures market leadership in North America
  • Wirtgen Australia expands its sales and service network



  • New Mix: Introducing the new member of the Wirtgen Group team.
  • Celebrating success together: Interview with Stefan Wirtgen, Jürgen Wirtgen and Bernd Benninghoven.
  • When the industry comes to visit: Wirtgen Road Technology Days offer a chance to experience innovations close up.
  • The people behind the scenes: The highly committed teams who devote their experience and passion to their projects stand out through innovative ideas and exciting products.


FORUM 47 - JULY 2014

  • Wirtgen Group machines for special jobs
  • The CTT in Göppingen: Fit for the job
  • Varmt välkommen! New subsidiary in Sweden
  • Children in Need Charity: Life after the storm



  • Road und Mineral Technologies: Under construction
  • Works expansion in Tirschenreuth: Fit for the future
  • Investments worldwide: Well connected
  • Children in Need Charity: Living with the dead


FORUM 45 - JUNE 2013

  • Highlights from 30 years: The history of the Wirtgen Group at bauma
  • Strong in Munich: The Wirtgen Group at bauma 2013
  • Feel the fair: Impressions from the Munich trade fair
  • Children in Need Charity: Breaking the vicious circle



  • Mineral Technologies: Projects around the world
  • Mineral Technology Days: The mining world visits Windhagen
  • Behind the scenes: Continuous improvement processes
  • Children in Need Charity: A new start for philippine young women


FORUM Special Edition bauma 2013


  • Wirtgen: Six new products from Wirtgen set new standards
  • Vögele: Eleven powerful world premieres for road construction
  • Hamm: Nine efficient compactors in the H, HD and HD+ series
  • Kleemann: Three new jaw and cone crushers from Kleemann


  • Wirtgen: Comprehensive range of cold milling machines from the world market leader
  • Vögele: The new SUPER series – Perfect product range for all paving jobs
  • Hamm: Genuine all-rounders – the new compactors with crusher drum
  • Wirtgen: Surface miners – Special-purpose machines for mining in three performance classes
  • Kleemann: The mobile crushing plants MC 125 Z and MR 130 Z EVO


  • The all-embracing range of services offered by the Wirtgen Group


FORUM 43 - JUNE 2012

  • The Wirtgen Group in Latinamerica: Streets of the future
  • Motorways in the Dominican Republik
  • Environmental protection in Sao Paulo
  • Ciber: Wirtgen Group partner in Latinamerica
  • Intermat 2012 in Paris: Review
  • Making of: Wirtgen WR 240i, Vögele "Dash 3", Hamm H 20i and Kleemann Mobirex EVO plants
  • A view into the headquarters

FORUM Special Edition Intermat 2012

  • Highlight Wirtgen: The new WR 240i
  • Highlight Vögele: Super 2100-3i
  • Highlight Hamm: H 20i
  • Highlight Kleemann: MR 130 ZS EVO
  • Showroom Wirtgen: Operator Comfort System, Cutting Technology, Autopilot
  • Showroom Vögele: Super 700, Tracked Super 1300-2, Super 1800-2, MT 3000-2i Offset
  • Showroom Hamm: GRW 280, The CompactLine, HD+ tandem rollers
  • Showroom Kleemann: MOBICAT MC 100 R
  • Close to our customers: Wirtgen Group Customer Service



  • Vögele at the building of the first Formula 1 racetrack in India
  • Infrastructure projects in India
  • Indian-German Co-Production: Hamm 311 Single-Drum Compactor
  • Grand opening of the local production facility in Pune in India
  • Review: Wirtgen Group Technology Days 2011
  • Wirtgen: The new generation of large miling machines


FORUM 41 - JUNE 2011

  • 50 years of Wirtgen: Open day
  • Vögele PowerFeeder MT 3000-2 und MT 3000-2 Offset
  • H 20i: The world’s first compactor with Tier 4i technology
  • The global success story of the new Kleemann Mobirex EVO plants
  • The system partners Betek, Streumaster and Deutsche Leasing
  • The Wirtgen Group at the Conexpo 2011 in Las Vegas



  • Review of the Wirtgen Group Technology Days 2010
  • The new Vögele headquarters: A future-oriented manufacturing facility
  • Start of the series production of Hamm compactors commences
  • The new drive technology: „intelligent emission control“
  • Gurtner Baumaschinen AG in Switzerland
  • Hamm and Kleemann in use at the Ötztal Alps
  • The use of Wirtgen slipform pavers at the BBI


FORUM 39 - JUNE 2010

  • Review of bauma 2010
  • Innovations Wirtgen GmbH: W 200, W 210, 4200 SM,
  • Innovations Vögele: Super 3000 – 2, MT 3000-2, MT 3000-2 Offset,
  • Innovations Hamm AG: Tandemwalzen HD+, GRW 280,
  • Innovations Kleemann: MR 110 Z EVO, MR 130 Z EVO
  • Customer Feedback
  • The team of the Wirtgen Group at the bauma 2010



  • The successful Hamm spare parts centre
  • The new Kleemann facility for Mobile crushers and screens
  • The Reinhard Wirtgen Learning Center of Wirtgen America
  • Hamm: The new headquarter in Pune, Indien
  • The new cross-brand service diagnostics system WIDIAG
  • Building of the ‘’Yas Marina Circuit’’ in Abu Dhabi
  • Use of the new 4200 SM in the australian Cloudbreak


FORUM 37 - JUNE 2009

  • The 4200 SM Surface Miner
  • Innovative ‘’PEP’’ in product development
  • Mobile processing at the Dunduff Quarry in Scotland
  • New subsidiaries in Ankara and Poznan
  • Rehabilitation of Brazil’s BR 101
  • Wirtgen GmbH awarded as one of the ‘’Best Companies to work for’’



  • Drum plant at the Hamm AG
  • Hamm: HD+ tandem rollers
  • Rehabilitation of the city motorway for the 2008 Olympic Games in Peking
  • Slipform paver project for Wirtgen in Azerbaijan
  • Rehabilitation of the airport runway in Iceland with Navitronic Plus®
  • Construction of the “Autoroute Transmaghrébine”
  • German President Köhler visits Wirtgen family business
  • Development of KMA 220 and WLB 10 S


FORUM 35 - JUNE 2008

  • Expansion of headquarters
  • Expansion of Ciber on the Latin American market and Wirtgen America
  • Intelligent WIDRIVE machine control system
  • Use of the Vögele Super 1803-2 at the ‘’Svalbard Seed Vault’’
  • The principle of ‘’OPA’’
  • Processing greywacke in County Tipperary, Irland
  • Building of the race track for the ‘’Race of Champions’’
  • Partnership between Wirtgen and Streumaster



  • The “Open House” at Wirtgen GmbH
  • The International Marketing Meeting
  • The new Vision pavers on the US-Market
  • Vögele: Honoring of the system partners with ‘’Best Partner Award’’
  • Hamm: Quality as the core element
  • Wirtgen introduces flow manufacturing
  • Review: ‘’Technologie Days for Trainees’’
  • Kleemann: Individual offerings for Recycling and processing of natural stones
  • WR 4200 in use on the expressway in Peking