Mixing procedures

High-performance milling and mixing rotors for perfectly homogeneous mixtures

Cold recycling can be achieved either “in-plant” by hauling material recovered from an existing road to a central depot where it is fed through a mixing unit, or “in-place” using a recycling machine.

Mixed-in-place process

When mixing in-place / in-situ, a cold recycler granulates the existing pavement while mixing in binders and water homogeneously at the same time.

This method produces a new construction material mixture in a single operation. The cold recyclers are equipped with a powerful milling and mixing rotor and highly efficient injection systems.

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Mixed-in-plant process

When mixing in-plant, reclaimed asphalt pavement and crushed stone are transported to a mixing plant located in the vicinity of the construction site.

Here the milled material is mixed with binders to produce a new construction material mix which is reused either on the same or on a different construction site.

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