Slipform paver

Automatic level and steering control

Computer-assisted automatic functions not only optimise work processes and thus machine productivity, but also the machine operator’s performance. Our numerous intelligent information and diagnostic systems additionally support the operator and make their job easier – resulting in faster and more efficient operations. A few examples of assistance systems for slipform pavers are presented below.

State-of-the-art slipform pavers are equipped with automatic levelling and steering control systems. When paving radii, for example, the steering control system detects any changes in the reference and governs the course of the profile accordingly.

Steering control using stringline

The stringlines are installed along the entire length of the profile to be produced prior to commencing work. They are frequently also required for the preliminary work of preparing the base. Sensors guide off the stringline during the paving operation, communicating any changes in the paver’s position to the control system. A controller immediately translates the information provided into a corresponding change in the paver’s steering angle or chassis level.

Sensors and scanning equipment

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Steering control using 3D-control system

When using an external 3D system, digital topographic data are reconciled with the positioning data of the machine located by a total station. Any deviations from the specified position are processed by the 3D control interface to generate precise level and steering corrections, thus ensuring highly precise driving behaviour.

Steering control using AutoPilot

Yet another option is the AutoPilot, a control system developed in-house. It also requires a geodetic data model which is either imported or created on site using the Field Rover prism pole.

The AutoPilot uses these data to calculate a precise virtual stringline which provides the slipform paver with the required level and steering parameters. The AutoPilot thus replaces the stringline and is a time-efficient option which allows flexible use in accordance with site conditions.

AutoPilot 2.0: detailed overview of the system.

Even complex profile configurations can be created right on site and within a short period of time. Major advantage of the system: it dispenses with time-consuming surveying operations, the installation and removal of stringline or the preparation of a geodetic data model. AutoPilot 2.0 is available for the WIRTGEN SP 15, SP 15i, SP 25 and SP 25i slipform paver models.