Cold recyclers and soil stabilizers

Intelligent computer-assisted systems

Computer-assisted automatic functions not only optimise work processes and thus machine productivity, but also the machine operator’s performance. Our numerous intelligent information and diagnostic systems additionally support the operator and make their job easier – resulting in faster and more efficient operations. A few examples of assistance systems for cold recycling and soil stabilisation are presented below.

Engine and diagnostic system

State-of-the-art measuring technology is by far superior to conventional, manual measuring methods. We have therefore equipped the WR with high-tech diagnostic systems which enable maintenance diagnostics, parameter settings or troubleshooting to be performed quite effortlessly via the control panel in the operator’s cabin. The machine’s automatic diagnostic system autonomously monitors valves, sensors and control components. Numerous clearly visualized pages provide quick and accurate information on the machine’s current operating parameters.

Metering systems for binder addition

Strict compliance with the specified binder amounts to be added is of paramount importance for high-quality stabilizing and recycling operations. Robust, microprocessor-controlled injection systems can be relied on to precisely govern the addition of water, bitumen emulsion or foamed bitumen.

Simply keying in the specified parameters once is not enough to achieve high-quality mixing results as they need to be maintained for the entire duration of the stabilizing or recycling operation. Microprocessor-controlled flow meters govern the addition of water, bitumen emulsion or foamed bitumen. The binders are added in accordance with the previously specified parameters, such as working width, working depth, material density and machine advance rate. The parameters are entered quickly and conveniently via a small number of controls in the left-hand arm console and via the control screen.

Camera system and intelligent reverse assist system

Camera systems are developing into increasingly important support tools when it comes to monitoring the operation and process sequences of machines and applications in which good visibility is a must. A reversing camera is included in the basic on-board equipment package of the WR model series.

The intelligent reverse assist system supports the machine operator during reverse travel by fading in driving assistance lines.

At the customer’s request, a system comprising as many as four high-resolution colour cameras can be installed at the rear of the machine, on the left side of the machine and underneath the machine at the front and rear rotor plates. When operating several cameras, an additional screen is installed to display the camera images.

In the final analysis, complete visibility into important operating processes and areas, such as driving up to obstacles or assessing work results, achieves a significant increase in quality, performance and economic efficiency.